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  Ishmael Community: The Science

The Science

    There are, of course, many issues in Daniel Quinn's writings that scream out for substantiation from the scientific community. There are lots of resources to back up what DQ has to say...we will bring these to you here as we can get the time to package them in an easily digestable manner. Please be patient with us -- this is not an area that can be assembled quickly -- it takes much research to pull together all the resources that we want to provide you. Wherever possible, we will supply the original references to the materials that back up what DQ is talking about...but be aware, there is a LOT of reading to do if we supply all the original research for you to digest first hand!

  • An excellent treatment of the issues that are central to Quinn's message from a sociological, economic and ecological point of view...
  • A frank and open discussion of food production and human population growth:

      In November 1998 Daniel Quinn and biologist Dr. Alan D. Thornhill met in dialogue with a small group in Houston, Texas, to forge a new tool designed to unseat the unexamined conventional wisdom that typically shapes all discourse on the subject of "Food Production And Human Population Growth." This tape is that tool. Lots more information is available...

  • Another important contribution from Dr. Russell Hopfenberg!
  • Arguably the most important scientific paper published in a long, long, long time:
  • A true story of what it means to exceed the carrying capacity of an area

  • Another must read:
  • An important speech from the National Council for Science and the Environment
    • A Call for Systemic Change. This speech was given by Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface, Inc. at the 3rd National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment: "Education for a Sustainable and Secure Future." (Some have asked why Daniel Quinn points to Ray Anderson as a visionary Ishmaelian thinker. We think this speech answers that question.)
  • Daniel Quinn's annotated suggested reading list--many of these are science-based.

      Archaeological digs in the neighborhood of the Egyptian pyramids have brought forth evidence that the builders of the pyramids were just ordinary citizen-workers, not slaves, as popularly imagined. The slave-worker myth, first suggested in Exodus, has been perpetuated for centuries in art, literature, and motion pictures, but it was put to challenge in Daniel's Beyond Civilization. For more details:

  • A few good articles to read...
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