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  Ishmael Community Guestbook

Ishmael Community Guestbook

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destry    #16147
flagstaff    az USA     Posted: Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 11:45:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

i thought i'd share: i wrote this for a friend.


emily tarpley    #16146
   USA     Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 18:30:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

I am traveling through central and South America at the moment, so my address is white ford van!

Destry    #16145
flagstaff    az USA     Posted: Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 8:22:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

One day a man helped me awaken my mind. But i just sat there, thinking. Then along came a girl who opened my heart. But i just sat there, loving. Finally, someone taught me that even with an awakened heart and open mind, we still need the use of our legs. --- Can anyone guess what the legs stand for?

Julia Moore    #16144
Winchester    Hants UK     Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 15:18:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

I picked up Ishmael in a charity shop this summer, it had been given as a gift to the previous owner and inside the cover were the words "for years I have been giving copies of this book to people who are important to me or who have made an impact on my life. Welcome to that select club, enjoy" This intrigued me, so I bought it now I fully intend to share it with everyone in my life not just those important to me. I am going back to university in 2 weeks and I am going to try to spread it through the entire year, I hope to help change minds just as mine has been changed.

"We are not humanity"

Natasha Bye    #16143
Durham    On Canada     Posted: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 12:1:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

How I wish I had Daniel Quinn to read when I was a teenager (30 years ago) and looking around me wondering about how absolutely WRONG this society is, and WHERE were all the other people who also understood this? I remember thinking: There has GOT to be a better way than this! Surely! Here's a whole lat of gratitude shipped out from me to DQ, and really to anyone brave enough to dare envision, AND PUT INTO PLACE, a completely different, and much saner, world for all of us. Cheers!

Destry,    #16140
Flaggers    AZ USA     Posted: Friday, September 10, 2010 at 15:2:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

3 things:

First, i don't think that retarded, blindly violent desperate people are much worth talking about, let alone their supposed inspiration.

Second: I would like to nominate Ted Turner with some kind of lifetime achievement award as an "invisible" hero --- i owe him as much credit for helping me change my mind as i owe quinn himself.

and Third: A Parable

The Jademaster

One cold winter morning a young man walks five miles through the snow. He knocks on the Jademaster's door. The Jademaster answers with a broom in his hand. "Yes?" "I want to learn about Jade." "Very well then, come in out of the cold." They sit by the fire sipping hot green tea. The Jademaster presses a green stone deeply into the young man's hand and begins to talk about tree frogs. After a few minutes, the young man interrupts. "Excuse me, I am here to learn about Jade, not tree frogs." The Jademaster takes the stone and tells the young man to go home and return in a week. The following week the young man returns. The Jademaster presses another green stone into the young man's hand and continues the story. Again, the young man interrupts. Again, the Jademaster sends him home. Weeks pass. The young man interrupts less and less. The young man also learns to brew the hot green tea, clean up the kitchen and sweep the floors. Spring comes. One day, the young man observes, "The stone I hold is not a genuine Jade." * * * I lean back in my chair, savoring the story. My student interrupts. "OK. OK. That's a great story. I don't see what it has to do with making money. I come to you to find out about the markets. I want to learn about the bulls and the bears, commodities, stocks, bonds, calls and options. I want to make big money. You tell me a fable about Jade. What is this? You..." "That's all for now. Leave those price charts on the table. Come back next week." Months pass. My student interrupts less and less as I continue the story of The Trader's Window. ---from The Trader's Window, ED SEYKOTA

actually, i got this from the book THE NEW MARKET WIZARDS, by Jack D. Schwager: prologue.

Sometimes we just need time to understand how what we're being taught is actually the answer to our question.

Joel Montes Garza,    #16138
Monterrey    Mexico     Posted: Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 12:31:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

It's been 9 years since I've read Ishmael for the first time and this is precisely the moment I need to express all my admiration, respect and gratitude to Mr. Daniel Quinn for the greatness of his work.

All I can say to anyone interested and from my humble opinion is that reading just one book from Mr. Quinn is not enough to describe or encompass his whole vision. Many times I've felt like I "completely get it" during these 9 years and many times I've discovered things I hadn't by reading more of his books, watching him and Alan Thornhill on video and reading all of his answers in the questions part of the website.

I am tempted to say I completely get it now, but instead I want to say Mr. Quinn is one of the greatest minds in human histoy and it's an honor for me sharing this age of existence with him.

Stanley Blonk    #16137
Rotterdam    ZH Holland     Posted: Friday, September 3, 2010 at 13:56:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

First of all I want to say that your books are the best that I've ever read and that they've changed my view on life and the world.

Second, I think it's sad and unfair that some think that James J. Lee did what he did because he was inspired by your work. It would be a complete misinterpretation if he had found any encouragement for violence in your book.

It's very sad that your work 'Ishmael' is named in a negative context, but I hope that some people will find out (after reading it) that it contains nothing that encourage violence, but only a peaceful solution and a renewing of their vision.

As I've said before, I'm enjoying all your works a lot. I'm almost finishing your last book and then I'll read Ishmael one more time. (this time in English... I've read it in Dutch ;-) )

All the best!

Greetings from Holland

Dave Turgay    #16136
Landau    Germany     Posted: Friday, September 3, 2010 at 12:49:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

This James Lee thing terribly frustrates me tonight. I want to start teaching "My Ishmael" in a couple of weeks and then something stupid happens. What's so bad is that DQ wrote his book to inspire people to change something, to change other people's minds and not to use force and violence to force people to look at those ideas. Which is exactly what people always say, when the Bible or the Koran are used as justifications, to say that the books are actually preaching peace and are misused for terrorist attacks. Because it doesn't really matter, in the end those people only give the works they want to "promote" a bad name.

Of course an act like this shows how desperate civilization makes its members. But such an act always eliminates all reason to talk about and deal with the issues at stake, as if violence eliminates everything connected to the act it inspired.

I really wish this wouldn't have happened.3

Charlie    #16135
St. Paul    mn USA     Posted: Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 20:28:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

Dear Daniel and Rennie,

I have been a long time supporter of you and your works from a far. I first truly discovered Ishmael when it was the only book I carried with me to Germany for a 4 mo study abroad. I read it about 70 times over that time!

I'm so sorry that Daniel is being accused of attempted murder by extension by the news media. James Lee was a sick man, who perverted the message of the Ishmael Arc. My Ishmael was not a catalyst for the hostage crisis, it was merely a crutch by a man who had been crying out for help for a long time.

Take care, and thank you,

Charlie Meyerson St, Paul, MN

Karen Tellefsen    #16130
millington    NJ USA     Posted: Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 10:30:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

What interesting ideas! But it's too bad the unfortunate Mr.. Lee brought this to my attention (at least he didn't kill anyone else).

For years, I've been thinking that overpopulation was an 800 lb gorilla in the room no one wants to talk about except a few of my friends.

Tami Cash    #16128
   USA     Posted: Monday, August 23, 2010 at 11:5:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

For those of you teaching Ishmel to younger people may I just say that I read Ishmel, My Ishmel and B and it seems to me I should have read B first.

I love all of them!

Tami Cash    #16127
Punta Gorda    Flh3Gvch USA     Posted: Monday, August 23, 2010 at 10:59:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

I would like to participate in starting a facebook page for members of B - my name is Tami Cash. [Is anybody here interested?]

Gwagwagwe    #16125
okc    ok USA     Posted: Monday, August 16, 2010 at 14:51:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

Gwagwagwe and the hometown infoshop.

During our last council fire, you heard the stories of the K.A.R.M.A.s Golden Shower, D.I.A.L. Int., and Think Tank 1999. As you heard, the bison have been evolving, as always, from iteneret lifestyle artists into perceptional revolutionary scounderals. For many moons we have been honing our new cultural outlook based on new tribal revolutionary principles of changed minds (perception), this place of the gods (place), and people (this is our new experiment): P.P.P..

These new human-animals are much further along in the mosaic that any of the hundreds of twoleggeds we have shared our perception with. They are establishing a cradle to grave security cultural community. They have disconnected from the voice of mother culture. They are young, inspired, and willing to risk freedom to ensure that this behemouth of a cultural sucking sound is muted. Urban lifestyle artists. Before the bison began their vision quest (1999) this was not even seen in our west coast haunts. Congrats to all you "Gutter", "Crusty", Punk Rockers/ Hobo's. May the life of the Lazy, Dirty, Hippy, Commie..... aka.. L.aD.aH.iC. (pronounced Ludda/Hick). Twenty years after the bisons were first initiated into the underworld (the truth behind the spectacle), there was a place were misfits, scoundrals, scavengers, and sabatours of the spectacle could go a find like minds. The Scissortail Social Space was that place. An idea, an adventure, and an evolutionary step forward for the plains of Oklahoma (like the cow in harrah with a leg growing out of it's back: anti-tipping adaptation). The location and the name is in flux (can be found on facebook right now), but the latest core of "supporters" are meeting about the next step. We are very pleased the find another Culture of Consensus, COC.

One of the Bison Tribal Ventures has gone the way of the golden toad-people. The Gods of Concrete and Steel have cast Gwa and his band of Wobblie Window Washers (WWW) into the wind, the wind that winds the world. I think we smell too wild for those suited inhabitants of The City of Death under the Brown Clouds of Doom. The entire venture created many great adventure stories to recount in front of the council fire. It gave us another look into that meaningless rube goldberg contraption called for profit ventures. We built our "company" on consensus, we exploited mother culture and her lackeys "buisness" and the academic mafia. We dreamed of actions to expose the belly of the beast, and found huge gaps in it's fascade of stability. We laughed, sweated, and risked as equals, with each autonomous decition respected. Well, as best we could while risking our lives from above 30 feet. The end came from a combination of fear of losing advantage in a long-term antiwork campaign and pressure from inside to create a hiarchacal power structure to provide longevity. It was always meant to be a shorterm experiment in revolutionary insurrgency and espionage.

The other P^3 (Polliwog Perenial Paradise)aka.... Polliwog Produce, Gwa's Garden of the Goddess, or in the language of the taker ruins (10725 Lori Lane, Luther OK 73054) has been speaking and many ears are listening. She speaks with the community of life that is fostered and cherished there. She speaks in omen, signs, and symbols that we (and hopefully seven generations to come) read with the help of the goddess. We said goodbye to the apple-spirit and said hello to the new sandplum and white mulberry (yes it flourished after copicing). We lost stevie wonder and his hens due to the OCD of mother mary. We created our largest compost pile yet. We turned it into a tornado creation machine, then after it didnt work we created a selfsifting compost pile. We tended to the shrines and alters. We had a disney and x-mas invation, yet we marshelled our forces and fought off the interlopers. We lost all our BCBB plants, but were able to save the tomatos and melons due to the used of pots when the well went dry. The previous seasons of zeroscaping hardened the community of perenials against drought which can be brought by the gods or man's failed technology and class system (we experienced the latter, the gods brought us one of the most blessed spring/summer growing season that our edible garden/forest we have seen. The river almost doglegged again. We harvested thousands of spring/summer flowers, and took some of our more annoying plant-spirit seed into the city of doom to torture the lawnmowing gangs. Ecosabatoge on the generational scale. Johnny-Ragweed-Seed. We created a D.I.Y windmill and nuclear reactor. We said goodbye to the D.I.Y. time machine that took us into the past to repair a rift in the continnum. This place, these gods, are the place we shall cherish with our dreams and visions. It's a rural scissortail social experiment, come back in seven generations to find it works, until then as always it is a open collective. We only ask you to be able to share your skills, prayers, and council fire stories. Expand our "way of making a living" to include yourself. Or as we like to say, ' Take what you need,and give till it hurts".

The ghost of x-mas future and his hunchedback henchman GwaChe' have been working on an anti-spectacle. This tribal venture is in it's infancy, but has already created an alternative reality within the bowels of the "art-world". The Megliomaniacal Mental Meat Market Masqurade Ball (aka the M-quint flashmob dance party), The F-Art anti- profit campaign (The S.H.E.D), The No-Name symbol urban renewal project, and The City of Death under the Brown Clouds of Doom have all been the precursers to a new evolutionary precipise.

Gwa is in the last moons of a longterm antiwork campaign. It has earned the tribe a healthy roll, and has promise to be a creative revoultionary stratege. This experiment, nicknamed Consensus 2010, along with the Forest Squat of '11 could bring the beast to it's knees with only a small minority of the population participating. It's adventures are celebrated around the fire, celebrated by us as we wear our Art on our Sleeve. Change the language just enough to create poetry/code, and then scream it into the wind. Throw away the language of mother culture, ignore the spectacle, concentrate all the power of the you and me into human and nonhuman relashionships based on the place and gods under which you are allowed to take up space, or die. You will not be missed, because somewhere something is better off that you died.. Learn, Undertake, Know, and Evolve again. L.U.K.E., your our only hope.

Enough. See you at the barracedes.

Gwagwagwe member of the bison band, a small part of the new tribal revolution speaking as the horse-fly people that tear our flesh. We all have our worth.

Jasmine Harshbarger    #16124
highland    IN USA     Posted: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 21:1:0 CST (GMT -6:00)

Ishmael was a life changing story.

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