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    Network Record Number: 11556
    This record (11556) last updated: Jul 19, 2006
    First Name: Justin
    Last Name: French
    City: Vancouver
    State: BC
    Country: CANADA
    ZipCode: V5B 2E4
    URL: http://
    Why are you here?

    When i was ten I had a dream. A dream about a community that lives together, works together and liked to spend time with each other. Even at ten years old I knew the place I lived was a pale comparison or perhaps was nothing like the above at all! I read books and built a social standing that impressed the Jones' but I felt duped "is this it?" From what I could see I was to finish school whenever and get myself a job! If I wanted to have the benefits of the rich, like travel and nice clothes, I would have to make a bunch of money soon cause society wasn't going to look after me forever. Needless to say I felt a little depressed by the thought of laboring like my parents for the rest of my life. So I retreated to the woods behind our property and into expressing myself through art. Some of the most fulfilling moments of my life are when I roamed the forest floor with the other woodland creatures. For someone who was never a child in the woods day after day, you can never know the acceptance you can receive from the species around you. As long as I didn’t interfere with natural selection I could use my “superior” intellect to remain somewhat aloof from the bioregions working. Now I was never totally aloof. I could easily have broken a leg, been preyed on by predators and never seen again, but at that moment I regretted nothing in my life, in fact felt whole like nothing sense so that I would have died a happy boy. Now my art venture took me to the utopian fantasy epic. I used to love Knights, wizards and mythical beasts. All stemming from a magical past of purity and light. The evil in these stories always comes from within, negatively intensifying the environment so that the “good” people of the world must band together to defeat said menace. Likely these “good” people would not come together for anything less because to do so creates havoc on their home settlement in the form of neglect. My dream about this wonderful community left in me a lasting impression that would not, seemingly could not leave me be. The community I was growing into did not work together, spurned diversity and separated everyone into cubical of personal space. The more I gave of myself the more people took with giving anything back. Walking into the lake was starting to sound pleasant, maybe on some crazy drug so I wouldn’t notice when it was finally over. I went on a date with this cute midwife and she asked if I had read Ishmael? That was 3 months ago. I have read everything Daniel Quinn has in print and most of the stuff on the website. I’ve joined every “chat” community and was hoping there was something maybe actually happening? If there is nothing then I guess I will spend some time in the woods reading the stories there and then join a circus to expand my understanding of a tribal culture through being part of one. If you have any more suggestions let me know.

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    I want to ssay that these ideas are new to me in print but old to me in my heart. I don't want a new way for everyone to live just an option for people like me to access without being mowed down by gunfire. I was thinking of joining a cicus, or maybe the crew of a sailing ship. I'll check out the home steaders and the communes to see if by accident someone created what I WANT! As I write it seems that if I want what I want I have to create it for myself; homeless people are homeless because they lack a new vision.

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