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    User-set disclosure level: 0
    Network Record Number: 12749
    This record (12749) last updated: Jan 12, 2009
    First Name: Kelly-Lynn (Kellyn)
    Last Name: Danyluk
    Email: kellyn@netago,ca
    Organization: Starland Life Enhancement Centre
    City: ,Craigmyle
    State: Alberta
    Country: CANADA
    ZipCode: T0J 0T0
    Why are you here?

    As a counselor and a body therapist I am working daily with people impacted by our current lifestyle. It has been my observation that the more we participate in the current system the more stress and illness we encounter. The deep social programming propicated by the media and the systems we have created are completly distorted and from my point of view create a thought disorderedness that is very distructive. Currently we recieve messages that are directly opposed to each other. Message one: Conserve,use less power, go green,recycle, buy local, support your local community ( the list can go on and on ). Message two: buy more, your life will be better if you have a new car, new furnature, eat out, have these cloths, go on these trips, buy this laundry detergent( this list could go on and on). This tpye of messageing creates a psychological double bind that is unresolvable.

    Pretty much everyone who comes to me for help is caught up in this double bind in one way or another.

    Being of aboriginal decent I have worked for Aboriginal Communities for 15 years. I have watched our people become entrenched in the mainstream culture and move away from the traditional ways of solving community problems.

    I have been taught that All Life is Sacred and all that supports Life is Sacred. This is our First Sacred Law. This Sacred Law has been well as all our other Sacred Laws we lived by. At one time we had an opportunity to create a system in our communities that would have allowed us to to up hold these Sacred Laws and also participate in the world a large. I knew that is opportunity had passed when we no longer began our business meetings with prayer and thanks. These cultual practices now are only preformed at official Govenment or Public Events. This is the signal the we are now fully assimilated into the mainstream culture, and fully entrenched in the double bind. In our communities there is a division between the people who want to maintain the traditional ways and those who want to fully engage in mainstream society, there is a split betwwen the christians and the traditioalists, setting family against family all played out in the government emposed polilitcal process.

    We no longer look to the individuals in our communities that hold traditional solutions for guidance. We look to elected authority that most often are making decisions based on personal gain, political advantage, or family advantage. In the tradtional way decisions were made on what worked for the whole community.

    I am here as a result of knowing first hand that what we are doing as humanity will enventually fail. More stuff will never create a fullfilled life.

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    Cutting the Tall Poppy

    In my garden I planted a whole area of Poppies. I was thrilled to watch them grow and fill my gardern with a beautiful canopy of of color and shape and size.

    One day my neighbor came over nad told me I should clean up my garden of Poppies. they were wild and unsightly. They were an eyesore in the community. I asked my neighbor what he ment by unsightly and he informed me that everyone in the neighborhood kept all their flowers at the same height and made sure that the flowers were planted so that only the same colors were grouped together. I looked down the street and saw that this was true.

    I looked at my neighbor and told him that I liked my garden of Poppies just they way they were and I was not going to change them. He stomped away muttering we'll see about that.

    The next morning when I went into my garden all the tall Poppies were gone and all the Poppies that were not white were gone. In the night my neighbors came and cut them all down.

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