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    User-set disclosure level: 3
    Network Record Number: 13155
    This record (13155) last updated: Dec 20, 2009
    First Name: D. Ben
    Last Name: Thomas
    Organization: none
    City: ,,Oshawa
    State: Ontario
    Country: CANADA
    ZipCode: l1g 3s3
    URL: http://
    Why are you here?

    I have an earnest desire to save the world

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    Greetings fellow Ishmael followers!!

    I have been living my entire life knowing deep down inside of me, that there was something wrong. What it was or where it originated from was always a mystery to me. I felt no desire to help out in the corporate world. What I mean is, after high school, I have never been able to find that one job that I felt I could contribute to society and still enjoy. What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I find something that appealed to me, something that I could enjoy doing for the next 35-45 years of my life? This bothered me all the time. It was always on my mind. In the back of my mind were the really big questions. What is the point of all this? Why must I go to school and learn things I never want to know, to get a job I don’t want to do? To work hard and make someone else rich? Then what? I never understood this. You waste your entire life in this manner. They put you in school to learn, and to stay in school to learn until you know enough to go get a job. Then you must work for the next 35-45 years before we will allow you to finally enjoy your life. In my country the age at which you must work until, to obtain assistance to live, is 65. So, what I have gathered is you must sacrifice the first 65 years of your existence to help support society. You waste the best years of your life for someone else. Then after you have made your contribution to society, and only after, will you be able to enjoy life. But, hasn’t there been studies conducted that show the average life expectancy to be averaged at 80 years old. So let me get this straight, I must sacrifice the first 65 years of my life learning and working, in order to enjoy the last 15 years of life. This made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Somebody has to been pulling my chain. This can’t be it. This can’t be the way.

    There were other questions I had and other feelings I had but all went unanswered. I always had contempt for certain rules and laws. I found they went against what was right and what was fair. There are some rules that should only apply to certain people, but instead, all people are banned. There are many people that fail to follow common sense and common courtesy. It is these people that worry me. I have always felt that we as a species were doomed. We are doomed through stupidity and selfishness. We are all striving to have that better life. We want this and we want that. Not only do we not want to struggle as our parents did, we want ALL that is out there. We see rich people with mansions and expensive cars. They line their mansions with precious collectables such as paintings, sculptures, and tapestries. They do what ever they want to do, when they want to do them. We want it. We want ALL of that. So how do we get that? We are told you must do this and you must do that, then you will have all of this. Some make it happen and some don’t. The ones that don’t make it realize they don’t have what it takes. They realized that there was more involved. You had to take control. You had to have absolute power, absolute control over everything to make this happen. You had to make sacrifices and you had to get others to make sacrifices for this to happen. Before this task was enforced by intimidation, torture, even death. In modern times this is accomplished through forms of bribery such as money. In any event, to disobey was to possibly lose your life. Here is the thing that bothers me. Maybe I don’t want all that fancy stuff with the cars and mansions and stuff. That doesn’t interest me. You can have all that. The response that society gives me is: Well, that’s ok if you don’t want any of those things, but you still have to work. Life is not free you see. We have control over everything. You NEED a job just to live, don’t you see? We own the land, we own the buildings, and we even control the water and food. It is impossible for you to live WITHOUT a job. We have made it to work out like that. So, pick a job and get to work!

    I have been struggling with this my whole life. Something didn’t add up. Something didn’t seem right. But what was it? Then I got introduced to Ishmael. I finished that book with more of an understanding about EVERYTHING than I had up to that point in my life. Nothing will make more sense about life, as it is right now, than anything else someone can do or say. A burn started in my brain that day that has ceased to diminish. I started resenting so many things. The more I thought about it, the more my feelings were turning from anger and frustration to fear and hopelessness. I felt lost. What are we going to do? How can we fix this? It is my opinion that we are well beyond the point of no return. There are too many people on this planet that are enacting the Takers story. The time it would take to reeducate people on what is happening, and get them to switch back to the proper story, the Leavers story, is insufficient. I believe the only way to ensure our species and the species we depend on survive, is to educate the people that want the species to survive. If we help retain the knowledge that is crucial to survival, then when the dusts settles, after the Takers story has concluded, we will have enough people left who will live as we should. Have a funeral and proper burial of the Takers story and continue life on Earth as it was intended.

    I propose a school or learning center or whatever you want to call it. This school should teach the basic survival information that will be passed on to the next generation or even the next-door neighbour. We have depended on society to take care of us, leaving us to forget our basic instincts and knowledge of survival. Drop the average person in the bush and see what happens. The average person would die. They would die because they have forgotten how to survive. How do you collect water? How do you know what plants you can eat in the wild? How do build adequate shelter? The answer is: I don’t know. We cannot allow this basic information to be lost. If we do lose it, our species would be on the verge of extinction. This is the kind of information that should be learned right from birth. All other information is secondary in nature. All other information doesn’t matter. Only when this information is secure, should we branch out to learn other things. Our priorities need to be re-organized around this premise. Sustaining life and to live under these laws is not only the right way to live, it’s the only way!

    Ben Thomas

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