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    User-set disclosure level: 3
    Network Record Number: 13417
    This record (13417) last updated: Feb 25, 2010
    First Name: Thomchuks
    Last Name: Farms
    Organization: Thomchuks Farms
    City: ,Hopeville
    State: ON
    Country: CANADA
    ZipCode: N0C1B0
    URL: http://
    Why are you here?

    Welcome to Thomchuk’s Farm! This land is very special to us and after being in the family for a number of years; it has fostered many tender memories of loving the farm. This farm has had many uses such as cattle, chickens, and sheep; it has been sown with hayseed and soybeans, and was lovingly maintained while in operation. The farm has long since then been retired but it is our goal to change that. The land is very fertile and perfect for gardening, but a garden that big? Who could tend to something so large, without hiring an army to assist? So we broke it up into manageable plots in order to see if there are others who want to have a garden but for some reason or another, cannot. We hear many profanities in several languages when the topic of food and food prices erupts. This is a great opportunity to cut food bills by half, and quite possibly more with careful planning and a clever design. Having a 20ft X 40ft plot is 800 square feet of growing space; equivalent to the size of a normal 2-bedroom apartment. We want to offer you the opportunity to use this space as you see fit. We encourage you to grow enough food for yourself of course, but the space you rent is yours to do with what you please, within reason. An oasis away from the city is our vision for the future and includes a pond, an orchard, a vineyard, a playground for the kids, a barbecue, social area, and much, much more. Provincial parks and camping grounds are getting expensive and your activities are quite limited. We believe that fresh air and sunshine should be available to anybody who wants it, without breaking the bank. Maybe you are simply looking for a quiet place to write that book or to take the family on a picnic. Maybe you have a restaurant and would like to grow your own ingredients. Everybody is welcome at Thomchuk’s Farm!

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