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    User-set disclosure level: 3
    Network Record Number: 3024
    This record (3024) last updated: Dec 18, 1999
    First Name: Eleanor
    Last Name: Sharp
    Organization: Alternate Earth
    Address1: 106 Talbot Street # 102
    City: Ocean City
    State: MD
    Country: UNITED STATES
    ZipCode: 21842
    Phone: 410-289-4721
    Why are you here?

    Alternate Earth is an electronic-acoustic band and a Foundation dedicated to informing and improving the world through our music. Using the band as a means to generate funds, we intend to start a worldwide organization to change the hearts, minds, culture and circumstances of the human race. We plan to tour and use our performances as a means to educate, particularly the young people of the world. We believe in using the media as a tool to spread our mission. We also believe that music is the best and most universal form of communication able to reach into the soul of mankind and awaken the love and truth within.

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    I want to save the world. I have spent the entirety of my 25 years on this planet trying to understand why I felt the need to do this, how it could be done, and why it needed to be done. After much soul searching, I have come to the realization that it is my will to do this because my will is strong enough to believe I can do it. I have never once questioned this fact. I have always believed it to be my calling. Life has most certainly side-tracked me from my goal but I keep coming back to it, keep reaching out to strangers, keep teaching what I have learned. I know now that this passion will never be quenched until I have saved the world. I know I cannot do it alone. I know I cannot want anything in return. I know this work is something I am willing to give my life for. I know I will never stop trying until I am dead. So, my journey has led me here. I am thirsty for more knowledge, more experience, more connection. I humbly ask that anyone with the same intentions contact me and share their ideas. I am opinionated by I know that new knowledge changes my opinions everyday. I am ready to continue my journey and write the new story. Love be with you always. Rina Luv 8)

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