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News and Information for the Ishmael Community

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Added: Sunday, August 12, 2007

Organization for Global Awareness--New NGO in Israel

Israel, 10 August, 2007-- Five weeks ago, under the pecan trees in moshav Hogla, more then 200 people gathered for a three-day convention based on Open Space technique with workshops, lectures, and other volunteer-led activities. The headline of this convention was: "A Different World Is Possible." This was the second convention in the pioneering initiative of new Israeli-based ecological group, Organization for Global Awareness, (OGA) that was inspired by the works of internationally acclaimed author Daniel Quinn, the author of Ishmael.

The group started its activities five years ago, but has been only recently recognized as an NGO. In the first years, with the name "Ishmael," volunteers initiated activities to increase awareness among people, mostly learning meetings and information stands. In February 2005 the group put together its first "Ishmael" seminar. The success of this seminar led the group into more intense and varied activities. Since then the group has grown rapidly and its activities have spread throughout Israel. The activities of the group have many faces. For example, one team took on the task of encouraging all events in Israel to reflect on a greater awareness of ecology and environment, contributing exhibits, books, workshops, and more. Other examples are the work of spreading knowledge about alternative initiatives and activities in Israel and the establishing of community centers that work with new kind of spirit urging people to take responsibility to their environment, their community, and for themselves and to make a change.

OGA works as a network with three guidelines that can be seen in every activity of the group. The first is Awareness--raising questions about our way of life and about the reality in which we actually live--learning about nature, our culture and our selves. The second is Support--encouragement of communication and connections among people and establishing a language that encourages change and development. The third is Guidance--developing alternatives for the ways we function in our society today, without providing lists of do's and don'ts. Every person needs to find his or her own path to live and to make a difference.

The future is still unknown, but the members of the OGA. believe that their contribution for creating a sustainable way of life in this world is only a question of resources, time, and energy.

For more information about OGA, contact:
Nir giron - Activity coordinator, OGA - Organization for Global Awareness

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