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News and Information for the Ishmael Community

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Added: Saturday, April 6, 2013

A terrific radio interview with DQ still available via podcast

This week, for the Rob Kall Bottom-Up Radio Show on OpEd, Daniel taped an interview that he calls "one of my all-time best." Both men were there to talk about a brand-new essay Daniel produced just for the occasion: "The Invisibility of Success." If you're in the Northeast, you may be able to catch the live broadcast Wednesday, April 10 at 9 p.m. Eastern time on 1360 AM, reaching the metro Philly & South NJ area. Outside the radio area, you can listen or download the interview at Bottom Up Radio. (You'll need to register with OpEd News.) Podcasts can also be downloaded from iTunes.

The interview on the Rob Kall show on OpEd came about in an interesting way. The invitation from Kall came after he heard Daniel in his EnvisionThis interview (3/14/13). Daniel naturally accepted, but since he had been less than thrilled with the EnvisionThis interview, he checked a few podcasts of earlier OpEd shows. They were all very powerful, mainly because both Kall and his guest were there to discuss something important his guest had just written. Since Daniel had nothing like that to talk about, he felt uneasy about proceeding. Kall saw his point. Neither were thrilled about making the main focus of an interview a book now ten or twenty years old.

Daniel was surprised when, after a week of stewing, something brand new popped up out of the stew: an idea for a new book! On calmer reflection, he scaled that down to a new essay. Kall granted him a postponement in which to write the thing, which Daniel now thought would make the title essay of a collection of essays: The Invisibility of Success.

Kall loved the new essay, but Daniel was nervous, never having been interviewed on this piece of work. He printed out the essay in huge type, thinking he might be able to read portions of it in answer to Kall's questions. But, in the event, the essay was in his head and didn't need to be on paper. The answers to Kall's questions just poured out.

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