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  The Ishmael Community: Questions and Answers

The Question (ID Number 158)...

    Why does the answer "No" on the home page of lead to Julian Simon’s website? I read several of his articles, and thought them to be reasonable arguments, but not diametrically opposed to the view represented in Ishmael. Is there a review or rebuttal of Ishmael that he has written?

    Webmaster's note: This question and answer refer to an old version of the Ishmael website...

    ...and the response:

    To our knowledge, (the late) Julian Simon never read any of Mr. Quinn’s writing. He did, however, write prodigiously about his own theories that there are no really threatening environmental problems on Earth – just temporary setbacks. He further suggested that the only real problem is that we are not encouraging the increase of the human population (at the expense of resources or other life forms is fine) since humans have always solved problems in the past, it will be some human’s idea that gets us out of any problem that we are currently feeling the effects of.

    Simon and Quinn were, on several occasions placed juxtaposed to each other by conference organizers because they (the organizers), apparently, view the two writers' theories as opposing. So, while Julian Simon never wrote a rebuttal to Quinn’s work, Simon’s ideas could be considered the antithesis of Quinn’s.

    NOTE: At the request of Daniel Quinn, this question was answered by Dr. Alan Thornhill.

    category: I Have a Question On a Specific Subject,I Need Some Clarification
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