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  The Ishmael Community: Questions and Answers

The Question (ID Number 176)...

    Is it possible that the evolution of man's mind and the subsequent technology which has also evolved simply the next part of evolution, it's the natural result, and in the context of the entire universe it's time for our world to end? The path that our evolution is taking is the inevitable conclusion? You said that you believe there is no one right way to live, yet you are suggesting that living in a way that will save the world is the right way. You may not tell a Leaver to live like another Leaver but you are telling takers to live like Leavers.

    ...and the response:

    You're confusing evolution with some sort of Grand Plan in which events occur
    when "it's time" for them to occur. I nowhere say or suggest that the Leaver
    way is the "right" way for people to live. It's a way that worked for three
    million years and is therefore worthy of study. Our Taker way has produced
    wonders but after a mere ten thousand years is on the verge of
    self-destruction. I'm not "telling" (commanding) Takers to live like Leavers.
    I'm merely pointing out that one way worked well for three million years (and
    still works well wherever it's found) and the other way is catapulting us
    toward destruction.

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