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The Question...

    ID: 534
    posted: 08 Jan 2002
    updated: 08 Jan 2002

    In Providence, you describe how you became disenchanted with the Catholic Church. You described how the Church's actions seemed to reject you. I know this isn't quite the case, but it serves well enough for me to pose the question. Why did you automatically assume the Catholic Church was speaking directly for God, as they claim to do? I have been raised Catholic and I began to realize that it was just a big show. I assumed that the Catholic Church could not speak for God, that he could only speak for himself. See, I was still clinging to the thought of a singular, heavenly, benevolent God. What made you decide to abandon GOD instead of just the structure of the CHURCH?

...and the response:

    I didn't become disenchanted with the Catholic Church but with the God of the Abrahamic tradition (which includes Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and so on). This God appears to be, from his history, not a wise and benevolent ruler of the universe but rather a bungler, a snoop, and a monster. Since such a God is really a contradiction in terms, I conclude that no such God exists. In other words, if there is a God--it isn't that one.

    category: I Have a Question About Daniel Quinn,I Need Some Clarification
    keywords: Christian,Quinn's Motivations,Religion

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