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The Question (ID Number 718)...

    Regarding your opinion on genetically modified food in reponse to question 712: Given how we in our hierarchical society think today, I agree that use of genetically modified foods will fuel our overpopulation catastrophe and will likely encourage domination of food production by a few companies. I also agree that if the world is going to be saved, that it will be done by those thinking very differently than we do today.

    Trying to think differently on the subject, do you think it's possible to use genetically modify foods to manage/limit food production like your hypothetical feeder in the cage? -- E.g., this year we decide to genetically grow, distribute, and eat only X amount of food to feed our human population of X + 1.

    Put another way, could genetically modified food serve as a useful means for producing, distributing, and tracking food production on a scale necessary for the taker culture to manage these processes and stop fueling the cycle of increased food production and population explosion?

    Obviously, this type of decision-making would require cooperation and organization by many people with changed minds. Unfortunately, I am woefully unknowledgeable about genetically modified foods, and given your wide-ranging studies, I figured you might have an opinion on whether trying to change minds in this direction makes any sense.

    ...and the response:

    Genetically-altered foods could possibly help us reduce our destructive impact on the rest of the planet, but (as you have already guessed), it's going to need a global mind-change before people accept the fact that we MUST stabilize our population (and therefore our food production). Until this happens, I'm afraid that genetically-altered foods are simply going to continue the food race, giving us a new "win" in food production, which will be answered by another "win" in population growth.

    category: I Have a Question On a Specific Subject
    keywords: Agriculture,Population Control,Technology

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