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  The Ishmael Community: Questions and Answers

The Question (ID Number 740)...

    How are you doing? I'm up to date on the bankruptcy/waiting-for-something-new phase of your work. But I'm simply wondering, as I'm sure many of your avid readers are, how you're doing physically and emotionally and how you're viewing the current state of things--politically, socially, etc. Though your words speak truths and provoke thoughts and new ways of living, I believe your readers care about you as a human being too. Please, let us know you're alright and that you have plans for your most recent thoughts.

    ...and the response:

    I'm deeply touched by your concern for my well-being. As you probably gather, I don't care to unveil my private troubles in public, though I felt my readers deserved to know about the ongoing bottleneck caused by the Context bankruptcy. This has caused me a great deal of anguish in the last couple of years. As noted on the speaking-engagement page, my health is not what it was five years ago, though my problems are in general only what is to be expected for a man of my age. I wouldn't like to have my friends worrying about me. Though this is a difficult period, there are a whole lot of people in worse shape than I am--and I still consider myself a very, very fortunate person!

    category: I Have a Question About Daniel Quinn

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