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  The Ishmael Community: Questions and Answers

The Question...

    ID: 765
    updated: 26 Feb 2013

    Ever since I started reading your works I've wished I could find a place online to discuss your ideas and issues relevant to them. The Guestbook on this site is okay for making one-off comments that might get a response or two, but do you know of any sites that are set up for threaded discussions?

...and the response:

    As you point out, the Guestbook doesn't facilitate threaded discussions. That's no accident. The original bulletin board was designed for such discussions, but they quickly got out of hand, with people pouring in wild theories, tortured misinterpretations, misquotations, and attributions to me of things I never said, and generally turning the whole thing ugly and downright harmful to the participants' mental health, so that I routinely felt compelled to step in to set everyone straight and stop the bloodshed.

    After about three months of this I told my Web master: "Get rid of that thing!" He got rid of it and replaced it with the Guestbook you see there now.

    A reader found this site,, which is intended for threaded discussion of my works and ideas. There's not much there at this writing (February, 2013), but with a little publicity and sharing, that could change. I signed up myself and have contributed a comment.

    category: I Need Some Clarification
    keywords: Website

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