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  The Ishmael Community: Questions and Answers

The Question (ID Number 758)...

    I can't agree with your reply #757, where you say that Totalitarian Agriculture produces food the same way as any other form of agriculture.
    Reading about different types of cultivation, I see that agriculture is a way of cultivating by catastrophe, where people till the soil to emulate the effects of a flood (and this method doesn't tolerate diversity on the landscape) while permaculture/horticulture is cultivation by participating in ecological succession and aiding in building up the soil and fostering diversity in the landscape.

    ...and the response:

    Totalitarian Agriculture is not a farming technique (or a collection of farming techniques). Totalitarian Agriculture is agriculture as practiced by people who believe and base their agricultural policies on the
    belief: (1) that all of the world's food belongs to them, (2) that human food can be denied to all other species by any means, (3) that the food of other species can be destroyed to make room for human food or to make more food available to humans, and (4) that competitors for human food or for resources needed for the production of human food can be hunted down and killed. The massacre of hundreds of thousands of buffalo in America's Great Plains, for example, was not a farming technique; it was a policy act of Totalitarian Agriculture–one that vastly increased the land available for the cultivation of human food. The same is true of the modern destruction of millions of acres of rain forest--not a farming technique, but a policy act of Totalitarian Agriculture.

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