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  The Ishmael Community: Questions and Answers

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  • The Question (ID Number 462): I just read your speech Technology & the Other War. I'm still confused over your meaning of "natural" and "unnatural." You're saying that buildings and airplanes are just as natural as a bird's nest and a beaver cutting down a tree for a dam. Correct? Does this mean that pollution from airplanes is natural as well? It seems that the pollution that we're pouring into the world is making the world very uninhabitable very quickly. Is this natural?

  • The Question (ID Number 453): I was VERY SURPRISED to see a link to AMAZON.F*!KI*G.COM on your web site. They are the least tribal business I can think of -- perhaps one of the most destructive ever to come along.

  • The Question (ID Number 452): Even if we live tribally (in the sense you use the word in Beyond Civilization), aren't we still going to crash just as fast as if we work for a hierarchical corporation? We're still dependent on agriculture. What is to stop the new tribalism from damaging the planet just as much as civilization, provided that we're still dependent on growing all of our own food?

  • The Question (ID Number 451): I find myself feeling troubled when I read that you seem to completely believe in evolution, when frankly there's no proof for it. The entire educational system has incorporated this "false proof" and teach the children at very young ages that it is fact and that fact completely denies the idea of God.

  • The Question (ID Number 446): After having been enthusiastic when reading Ishmael, I am more and more wondering about your real goals. What do you look for?? Increasing your community of Ishamel's addicts (CONSUMERS), and by the way your OWN
    income? Why don't you say anything regarding the real world events as WTO meeting is Seattle?? What do you do about that new Stalinist Way of getting huge wealth for a "happy?" few, by convincing the People of the World that they are going to get more and more civilized if they buy more and more American shit, and enjoy U.S. stupid Entertainment industry (including Ishmael's fairy tales ???)

  • The Question (ID Number 442): Why haven't you made your books available in low-cost versions, downloadable versions, or versions for ebook devices?

  • The Question (ID Number 440): Human population demography indicates that the global human population growth rate is decreasing. So what's the problem? Human population size is going to stabilize all by itself without us doing anything more than we are doing now.

  • The Question (ID Number 438): What if you used your influence to encourage, arrange, or even supervise an experimental community which tries to live independently, in harmony with nature?

  • The Question (ID Number 436): Yes, but how are the strategies proposed in Beyond Civilization supposed to eliminate pollution, overpopulation, crime, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, poverty, police brutality, political corruption, racism, child abuse, violence against women, homophobia, pornography, violence in film and music, exploitation of the elderly, date rape, judicial malfeasance, insider trading, road rage, and media bias?

  • The Question (ID Number 425): It's great that you have all these new videos on population growth and food production, but why? Why charge people for information you could have easily put on the website?

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