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  The Ishmael Community: After Dachau

After Dachau

Mallory Hastings has been a "difficult" patient from the moment she opened her eyes in a hospital in Oneonta, New York, following a minor automobile mishap. Terrified, hostile, and unaccountably mute (so that she must be retrained to use her own voice), she recognizes neither friends nor family and seems bent on rejecting every effort to help her back to her former condition of normalcy. Then a mysterious message reaches her from afar:

First: You're not Mallory Hastings at all. Second: You don't know how you got where you are. Third: You're afraid to speak the truth to the people around you.

Though she's never heard of the man who sent it, she grabs this lifeline and allows herself to be pulled out of the hospital into a world that is as unfamiliar to her as the woman who claims to be her mother.

The man on the other end of the lifeline is Jason Tull, a man whose story is almost as strange as hers. The scion of a wealthy and powerful family, he could have had any kind of life he wanted. But when he left school, there was only one thing on his mind. Of all things, he had conceived a fascination for the phenomenon known as reincarnation.

After spending a decade investigating the many alleged instances of the phenomenon that occur annually worldwide, Jason has zeroed in on his true objective: to find and develop a "Golden Case"-a case that even hardened skeptics will be unable to dismiss. And he believes "Mallory Hastings" is that Golden Case.

The secret he must have from her is, of course, her true identity. If she's not Mallory Hastings, then who is she?

But pulling this secret from her proves to be like pulling the pin from a hand grenade. The explosion that follows opens a crack in the smooth surface of his world that no one will ever be able to paper over.

The After Dachau excerpts

The After Dachau book tour

Comments and Reviews of After Dachau

"recalls the spare, classy sci-fi of Robert A. Heinlein and Ray Bradbury...damning and damnably elegant." —Entertainment Weekly

"Provocative, Orwellian . . . [an] absorbing cautionary tale." —Publishers Weekly

"hairpin plot twists that spin wildly from mass genocide to the rediscovery of abstract expressionism....After Dachau is a rare moral thriller in the tradition of Fahrenheit 451." —Village Voice Literary Supplement

"A ghostly and subtle thriller/fantasia/parable about (more or less) how we conceive of history, identity, time. Think Brave New World." —Esquire

"Quinn's powerful writing style consistently impresses, as does his talent for creating suspense." —Rocky Mountain News

"entertaining....A taut, gripping, sinister, and often fun book" —Hartford Courant

"After Dachau is a daring blend of psychological thriller, postmodern novel and New Age meandering in a scandalous revisionist world where few writers would dare tread." —Popmatters

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