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  Student Comments About Ishmael: The Ishmael Companion

Student Comments About Ishmael

    • "Within the department I'm working in (Agronomy), the ideas put forth in Ishmael have had a significant impact on how we (students and professors) think about our research."

        -- Mark Liebig, Lincoln, NE

    • "Your book made complete sense and it really opened my eyes to a lot of new ideas."

        -- Abby Foulds, Pittsburgh, PA

    • "My Native American Studies instructor assigned [Ishmael] as extra credit.... I was apprehensive and didn't think it would be anything more than a stuffy textbook-style reading assignment.... What a revelation! I cannot tell you how much of a positive effect your book has had on me. It caused me to think, and to question on a plane of thought I never knew I possessed."

        -- Jane Graham-Free, Missoula, MT

    • "[Ishmael] is one of the most thought-provoking books I have ever read. It has made me rethink my role in our society and the role of our society in the world."

        -- Lora A. Wieman, Menomonie, WI

    • "[Ishmael] took my ideas of the world, which were crude and vague, and refined them. Your examples have inspired me and a few others in my classs to carry out the ideas of your book to a further extent."

        -- Taylor Geer, Mendocino, CA

    • "A project for one of my classes was to write about the Navajo/Hopi land dispute. My greatest struggle was to try to communicate to the white instructor that the government intervention was based on a completely different concept than the Navajo and Hopi have about land. Had I read your book before that time I could have asked the instructor to read it, then maybe he and I would have been able to communicate."

        -- Lela K. Rhodes, Denver, CO

    • "Your novel both disturbed and inspired me because it presented a unique, yet logical, way of looking at the state of our world."

        -- Chris Russell, Hurst, TX

    • "As a philosophy major, I have been exposed to a good portion of the idealogy utilized in your novel, but never has it all been pulled together and presented in such a Zen-like simplicity."

        -- David Michael, Garnerville, NY

    For more readers' (students or not) comments about Ishmael and Daniel Quinn's other works, please see the questbook in this website.

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