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This new addition to our family of websites offers an easily accessible spot for classroom teachers, home-schoolers, people involved in workshops, book clubs, and discussion groups (and anyone else who wants some additional insight as they read) to view and download companion material to some Quinn books.

To start with, here are two guides to accompany Beyond Civilization. One is a short Reading Group Guide written by Daniel for use in small discussion groups and book club groups. The other is a more extensive Study Guide designed for use by teachers or home-schoolers. This Study Guide is arranged in 37 units, each unit forming an "umbrella" topic that includes several of the related essays in BC. It offers suggestions for other activities as well as discussion questions.

We hope you'll find these guides useful. And, of course, you can also download our original guide, The Ishmael Companion.

Beyond Civilization Excerpts
Reading group guide || Download PDF version of reading group guide (10K)
Study Guide in HTML || Download PDF version of study guide (86K)

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