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  Ishmael Community: The Ishmael Vision

The Ishmael Vision

People wonder what a our civilization might look like when operating under the influence of a different vision from the current one. As DQ has said many times, the current paradigm cannot predict the next paradigm, but we can make some predictions about what might be missing from the current or present in the next -- if we are to survive...

An Ishmael vision might be:

A world where all humans realize that the life of the world doesn't belong to any one species.

A world where all humans realize that Earth needs neither masters nor stewards.

A world where humans will realize that when they decide what species shall be allowed to live and what species shall not, they're not performing holy work, they're usurping the role of the gods.

A world where all humans acknowledge that humanity is a member of the community of life--not its ruler.

A world where all humans recognize that as a species, we're subject to exactly the same laws as all other species; what fails for them will fail for us and what succeeds for them will succeed for us.

A world where we return to the code that says taking what you need makes you members of the community; preventing others from taking what they need makes you outlaws.

A world where the Takers finally concede that the biological feedback within the community takes care of outlaws. They swagger for a while, then they become extinct. Takers are outlaws.

A world where all humans will understand the koan: With man gone, there's no  hope for gorilla, and with gorilla gone there's no hope for man.

A world where all humans listen to their neighbors in the community of life -- as they are trying to tell us something.

A world where no one species makes the life of the world its own.

A world where humans realize that the Earth does not need us to bring order to it.

A world where subduing the life of the Earth is no longer considered holy work.

A world where the it is understood that the world was not made for humans, but rather humans belong to the world.

A world where humans see themselves as a single member of a vast biological community.

A world where the death of a species (extinction) is left in the hands of the gods.

A world where, like other members of the biological community, we take what we need but do not prohibit other members of the biological community from taking what they need.

A world where all humans recognize that there is no one right way to live as humans.

A world where it is obvious to all that with humans gone there is no hope for gorilla, and with gorilla gone there is no hope for humans.

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