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  The Ishmael Community: A Note For Daniel!

    Get in touch with Daniel!

    Dear Friends of Ishmael (and DQ)--

    We hear from a lot of folks who wish this website offered an easy way to reach Daniel directly because they want to tell him personally how ISHMAEL and other Quinn books have made a difference in their lives.

    Well, here's your opportunity to briefly share your personal feelings with Daniel and, at the same time, offer him some healing encouragement during what might be an extended stay in the hospital.

    Yes, I said "hospital," where Daniel has been now for nearly a week. As you may remember, a year ago he had a fall that resulted in fractured ribs. The ensuing months have taken their toll in more falls and increasing muscle weakness and physical deterioration. Though home health physical therapy visits helped, ultimately, they proved to be just a stopgap. So now Daniel is ensconced in the hospital skilled nursing facility, where he can have daily physical therapy and nutritional and medical oversight until he's strong enough to carry on as usual.

    We hope this will not be too long (and as I write this, he's taking baby steps with his physical therapist–who, as it turns out–is an ISHMAEL friend and was not only dumbfounded and delighted to learn that Daniel was her new patient but is doubly determined that she and her co-therapists will do everything in their power to help him regain the mobility he's lost).

    It's a slow process to regain both physical and mental strength. But hearing from all of you will be a great boost for Daniel. (Though please don't use your letter to ask questions or engage in philosophical discussion. Just let him know how you feel.)

    Thanks so much!  

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