This site exists to aid in the exploration of issues central to the novel Ishmael and the ideas of Daniel Quinn. Here you can learn more about Quinn's ideas and come to a deeper understanding of our culture and why things are the way they are.

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    Sunday October 12, 2014
    I can't imagine doing anything that would be more useful than what I've done here, assembling the quintessential elements of all these books in a single volume. I'll never produce anything more gratifying to me or more valuable to my readers. No book in my future will ever be as important as this one.

    The Teachings exists to bring readers to eight books -- four of them published by Random House: Providence, The Story of B, My Ishmael and Beyond Civilization. In spite of this, Random House declined to publish it, perhaps assuming that the millions of readers who haven't read anything beyond Ishmael will probably not read this book either.

    Even if you yourself don't belong to the target group for this book, I hope you'll spread the word about it. Readers spreading the word is what made Ishmael a book read by millions. Click here to check it out.

    As you can imagine, I very much want to prove the pessimists at Random House wrong!

    --Daniel Quinn

  • Inside the Mind of Daniel Quinn: Podcast Interview
    June 10, 2015

    This week Daniel had a terrific phone conversation with Daniel Vitalis of ReWild Yourself! Click here to listen.

  • The Sea Gypsy Philosopher, Sailing Into New Waters
    June 10, 2015

    From time to time we've pointed you to Ray Jason's blog, where he describes his life as a free-wheeling sailor and philosophizes about this and that. Now some of his essays have been published in a book at Club Orlov Press. Check it out at S G P Book Announcement. While you're at Ray's blog, have a look at his latest essay, which delves into some Ishmael-related themes. Life-The Wonder and the Sadness.

  • What's It About???
    May 15, 2015

    Daniel says, "Whenever I mention Ishmael to people, they always ask 'What's it about'?" Here's the answer.

    Ishmael YouTube review.

    This YouTube review simply does an AMAZING job of answering that question – in under two minutes! Daniel says, "I couldn't have done better (or even as well)." It will remind you of all the things you love and admire about this book, but that's not really the point. It's tailor-made for you to give to people who ask that dreaded question, "What's it about?" It's simply a terrific tool that needs to be made available to all the millions who have said to their friends, "You've GOT to read this book!"

    Let's make this YouTube video go VIRAL!

  • Bye, Bye, Life
    January 22, 2015

    Thanks to Michael Shillace for alerting us to this new research report Life on Earth at Risk.

  • Making Connections
    January 4, 2015

    Harvey Hyman quit being a big city attorney and now focuses on trying to inform people about the need for connectedness in the community of life–if that life is to continue. (He names Daniel as "one of a handful of visionaries with the capacity to imagine a new future for human beings....") His website is filled with material on such subjects as Climate Change, Eco-History, Inter-species Communication, A New Vision. Though Daniel has never considered "nature" and "humans" as separate entities, we think you might find some interesting things on Harvey's website Humansintegratingnature.

The Teachings front cover


  • Pan Earth: a site dedicated to a scientific, holistic approach to world problems (and population in particular).

  • Read Ishmael: a site created by Quinn readers to reach out to other prospective readers.

  • Friends of Ishmael Society: find local groups (and more).

  • Cultural Survival: partnering with indigenous peoples to defend their lands, languages, and cultures.

  • Sacred Land Film Project: dedicated to protecting the Earth's sacred places through education and action.

  • Ishmael's Annex: your source for shirts, bumper stickers, and other Ishmael-related artifacts (featuring DQ designs). It provides much of the funding that keeps this website going.

  • Here are some new Facebook pages established by people who want to share and discuss Daniel's work and related subjects. They're all somewhat different, depending on the focus of the creator, so check them out and interact with them as you see fit.

  Right now there are about six billion of us in what I've called the culture of maximum harm. Only ten percent of these six billion are being maximally harmful--are gobbling up resources at top speed, contributing to global warming at top speed, and so on--but the other ninety percent, having nothing better in sight, want only to be like the ten percent. They envy that ten percent and are convinced that living in a way that is maximally harmful is the best way to live of all.

If we don't give them something better to want, we're doomed.

Beyond Civilization


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