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    User-set disclosure level: 3
    Network Record Number: 440
    This record (440) last updated: Nov 05, 1998
    First Name: Vladek
    Last Name: Dobrzan
    Organization: Multi-Level Learning Programme
    Address1: POBox 62131
    City: Tel-Aviv
    Country: Israel
    ZipCode: 61620
    Phone: (972) 3 6315616
    Fax: (972) 3 7300898
    Why are you here?

    To make contact with people who want to make a real diference in order to save the Planet and Life on it and see that it can't be done without a large scale reeducation for responsibility for the whole. (please read the following personal information or/and see my personal home page on the web)

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    I'm interested in establishing a world-wide education program to teach responsibility for the whole. If you're interested in such a program, contact me. If you don't see the connection to this site, read the following, which is a very short abreviation of what I'm doing for many years now. I've read “ Ishmael”, “Providence” and “The story of B” and loved them very much. The only thing that bothers me is how to take responsibility for our past in order to get free of it. I know from my work, (teaching people responsibility in their personal lives), that fighting the past is fighting with ourselves, thus leads to its repetition. I believe it's not different for the whole of our species. We can't change our past because it doesn't exist. What does exist are the memories of our past. We can't change our own memories. What we're all trying to do is to change their results in the present, without taking responsibility for them. The most common way is by repressing the memories of the past: This is The Great Forgetting, on personal level and on our species level. The human “knowledge” or rather, the representation of it, is made of symbols, words, which are not the real knowledge. The real knowledge is in Life itself, like any other species. We forgot all this and are identifying ourselves with the language, unique to us, but symbolic, not being connected to the real experience, but through agreement only. The words are binary-logic symbols, which are exclusive to each other. This apparent separation is, in my opinion, our main problem, because: “The universe is all of a piece, Jared” as said B. It's not about “good or evil” it's about “good and evil”. It's not Takers or Leavers, but both together. The logical separation that is basic to our knowledge is at the source of all this. These are the real “bars of our cage”. The misunderstanding of the Genesis story, which is, as I read it, a warning, was and is misinterpreted by its apparent story. The story is about Responsibility for the whole, which is rejected by Adam and Eve. Until we wont take it, we'll not survive. Ishmael and story of B are wonderful alarm signs, but neither does show the real “bars” of our cage. For 15 years I'm dealing with this problem and educating people how to take responsibility for the whole. The interest of individuals with their well-being is not against responsibility for the whole, actually it's the same. We are hypnotized by our verbal knowledge, which are signs only of the real knowledge in life. Here and now nothing's ”separated”, it's all of one piece. The illusion of separation is in the signs, the symbols, of knowledge. As long as the knowledge is transferred experientially from actual life, as Leaver's knowledge, it's real. Once it becomes logical signs representing it, the gap between the signs and the experience itself is widening very quickly, until its totally disconnected. This is the Great Forgetting. A Remembering through the signs alone, without the experience of it, is just another idea against the others, it doesn't work, even if they become a vision that leads to a successful “revolution”, like did all other revolutions, including the “agrarian”. In the end it's always deadly. Responsibility is to be taught to our children and to ourselves. I know that the intentions are “good”, they always are. But they're not enough. Most of our disasters started with ”good intentions” of “controlling” the “unwanted”, but, paradoxically, reinforcing it. At the beginning the “frog's water” feels wonderful every time a new “ideological vision” starts to heat up. I believe that your intentions are not to be right and to create a new “religion” with text books, that sooner or later will and must become “holy scriptures”, if there's no real, Life, Experience connected to them. We can not go back to our past and pass our life experience as do the Leavers, always connected to life itself. What we can do is to reeducate ourselves and our children to Responsibility for the whole. This is how I see the only way, except the actual pragmatic programs, to free ourselves from our deadly grip with our lives in order to save them and the world. What we need is a huge cooperation and soon, very soon... Do you see in what I wrote here anything that makes sense to you ? Do you want to know some more about it? You may reach me email address, or my POBox, I don’t care how. Vladek Dobrzan.

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