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News and Information for the Ishmael Community

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Added: Sunday, December 15, 2002

Announcing, a central news and discussion site for Ishmael fans

A lot is happening in the community of Ishmael fans: great discussions, effective action, and far-reaching promotion of the core ideas. But with the hundreds of Ishmael-related websites out on the Internet, and as many people publicly trying to find or describe their own answer to "what do I do now?", the quantity of isolated but overlapping resources is growing rapidly, and the ineffectiveness that comes from that fragmentation is growing with it., a new resource for the Ishmael community, hopes to help fix that fragmentation and overlap.

The site is dedicated to being a central repository of news and discussions about Quinn's writings, the ideas in them, and the events happening in the world inspired and enacted by changed minds. The site is focused not on providing yet another body of content, but on linking to stories, websites, articles, and resources being developed by others, so that persons interested in getting the "big picture" have one place to start.

The site is unique in that, where as most sites are updated infrequently by a single person or small group of people, the content for comes from its readers. User submissions and participation is part of what helps keep the site fresh and current. Thousands of Ishmael fans submitting news and observations that they encounter daily will insure that the site's readers can stay up to date with what's happening.

"I see it as a significant tool in the effort to unify all of the incredible contributions being made in the world," says Chris Hardie, the site's editor. "I think our ability to promote Ishmael's ideas and approach to changing minds rests in our strength as a community, and gives some structure to that collective power that hasn't been there before."

The website contains a variety of interactive features, including the ability to have discussion on the news items posted, a general discussion forum, surveys and polls about related topics, reviews of relevant books and movies, and powerful tools for searching and using all that information. Hardie notes that several additional features are planned to launch soon, including the ability for users to keep their own journals on the site, an "encyclopedia" of related terms and knowledge, online messaging, access to the site from mobile/wireless devices, and a database of related websites.

"It's going to take a little while for the site to make it into everyone's daily web surfing routine," says Hardie, "but when that happens, I'm confident that will be an essential resource for members of the Ishmael community."

The site is located at For more information, contact Chris Hardie,

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