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Added: Sunday, November 16, 2014

What the Sixth Extinction is all about

This is what awaits your children: Global disaster in 33 years.

This event, 33 years in the future, will be the big, unmistakable announcement of humanity’s end. It won’t be believed now – will be denied or ignored by seven billion of us, so nothing will happen to forestall it now. In ten years it will be denied or ignored by five billion of us–so still nothing will happen to forestall it.

In twenty years it will be denied or ignored by only three billion, and they will be overruled, opening the way for radical change to be undertaken. The choice will be simple–roll back our population and world-destroying lifestyle IMMEDIATELY or see our species die as surely as the millions of species that will have died in our oceans.

Even then . . . will it be possible to end the extinction that we have brought about? Impossible to say. But if we don’t end it, it WILL end anyway, when the force driving it – our world-devouring population – disappears. There is NOW still at least the HOPE of ending it. But every year this hope diminishes – if it passes without our undertaking the measures that are necessary for survival. The choice is between engineering a catastrophe we MIGHT survive or waiting for the complete and irreversible catastrophe we CANNOT survive.

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