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News and Information for the Ishmael Community

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Added: Friday, November 28, 2014

New Newsletter from Creator of Many Quinn-Inspired Projects

Howard Ditkoff first read Daniel Quinn’s work over 15 years ago. Since that time, he has engaged in many activities that both directly and indirectly relate to Daniel’s work:

  • He helped found the Friends of Ishmael Society, which exists to promote Daniel’s work, share stories of its influence, and better connect those affected by his work.

  • He helped create, which aims to introduce Daniel’s work to a wider audience.

  • He has attended multiple IshCons - conferences held to facilitate Quinn readers in interacting with each other.

  • He runs a coaching and consulting company, which he originally started with another fan of Daniel’s work, based on a process that embodies many principles tied to Quinn’s ideas.

In addition to these, Howard has run his main website,, for over 10 years, and has just launched a new project through that website which might be of interest to readers and fans of Quinn’s work.

Howard has created a free subscription newsletter – the Newsletter. Subscribers will receive regular emails full of in-depth content that explores a wide range of topics from a systems-based perspective.

Some of the emails explicitly relate to Daniel’s work. For instance, one of the first emails subscribers receive after being welcomed to the newsletter is specifically about Ishmael and the impact it has had on Howard’s life. Others focus on topics and ideas actually mentioned in Daniel’s work.

But not everything in the newsletter directly relates to Quinn’s work. Some emails will introduce you to ideas and concepts that Quinn doesn’t cover directly (some of which he might not agree with).

The common threads, however, are that all of the content arises out of a systems-based worldview and explores topics that are substantial and meaningful in the quest to understand why our complex, wondrous and often dysfunctional world works as it does.

If Daniel Quinn’s work has been part of your own quest toward such understanding, then this newsletter might, over time, provide some of the missing puzzle pieces for you.

You can visit Howard’s Newsletter page to learn more and to subscribe for free.

While you’re there, take the opportunity to explore the rest of his site, which also features content that you might find intriguing.

And feel free, as well, to get in touch with Howard, as part of the purpose of his site and his newsletter is to build stronger connections with people who share common interests.

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