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  The Ishmael Community: Questions and Answers

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The Question (ID Number 662)...

    I am writing to follow up from a response I received to question ID#657.I think I need to clarify my question, as I was labeled a "poser" in your response. I am struggling with deciding whether or not to have children with my devout Catholic husband. If we do have children, he will find it as important to teach them the lessons of the bible as I will to teach them everything I know and believe through reading Ishmael, My Ishmael, The Story of B, Providence, etc.I'm sure we will not be the first couple to raise children with opposing belief systems. I agree that the ideals of the Church are in direct conflict with animism, but does a child not take in everything he/she learns from parents, friends and the rest of their environment and form his/her own judgments and beliefs? For example, my parents are polar opposites in their personalities, but I've never felt I had to BECOME one or the other. Along the same lines, someone raised by two devout Catholics is not guaranteed to become one themself.I have been "spreading the word" of Ishamel (as well as actually sending the book to many people). I do this because I feel it is important to the future of the earth and all creatures residing on it, including humans. I know two things for certain: a) that I will be spreading the word to my children, and b) that at the same time my husband will be taking them to church and teaching them about Jesus. Surely you must be aware of others who are in relationships like mine and have been successful. If you do not, I can understand why you would have no guidance to offer me.

    ...and the response:

    It wasn't YOU I was describing as a "poser," but rather your QUESTION ("poser" being defined in my dictionary as "a baffling question or problem"). I sense a certain anger in your question, as if I might be deliberately being unhelpful. I assure you I'm not. I'm NOT aware of others who are in relationships like yours and have been successful. Unlike gurus and presidential candidates, I freely admit I don't have answers to any and all questions. If I had an answer for your question, I'd be more than happy to share it with you. You face a knotty problem, and I don't know how to untie the knot. If you discover how to untie it, I sincerely hope you'll share your experience with me and other visitors to the website.

    Related Q&A(s): 657

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