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Questions and More Questions...

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  • The Question (ID Number 774): I would like to understand the origin of our cultural vision. Is it somehow an outgrowth of the development of agriculture? What prompted the adoption of agriculture? Obviously starving people don't plant crops any more than drowning people build life rafts, but what was the scenario?

  • The Question (ID Number 764): What is the intersection between anarchism and Quinnian ideas?

  • The Question (ID Number 760): Among the wealthy of the world infertility is a significant challenge. All sorts of treatments are available – medical, psychological, and other therapies. However, among malnourished and impoverished women fertility is abundant. I don't believe this can be explained by the younger age of the women. How come the threat to the existence of the mother (esp. lack of food) doesn't follow the ABC's of Ecology?

  • The Question (ID Number 754): I've just watched Luc Besson's new film Lucy and wondered what you thought about the brain science, in particular the idea that we use only 10% of our brain.

  • The Question (ID Number 752): In your books you stress the idea that the Taker way is unsustainable because our style of agriculture breaks the law of life. Then in Beyond Civilization you wrote about how to move past the Taker way.

    The book was really interesting especially with the examples of creative ways people are organizing themselves differently, but I wondered why you didn't talk about how to redo our agricultural food system.

  • The Question (ID Number 746): Though I certainly enjoyed After Dachau, The Man Who Grew Young, and The Holy, I miss reading new insights from you every once in a while about saving the world. Your last book directly addressing that subject, Beyond Civilization, was published about five years ago. The most recent of your speeches posted to this site is from about 2 1/2 years ago. All of the books you've announced were in the publication pipeline before the Context Books bankruptcy contained writing that had been published in some other form before. Do you think you will have anything new to say about saving the world in the future, either in a book or shorter format?

  • The Question (ID Number 744): I am a film student in his last year ready to begin my final project. I would like your blessing to spread the word of Ishmael using your ideas in a film. I am not asking for permission to plagiarize in fact this film will be used to show fellow students only and will be of my adaptation and not of your words. I don't know why I feel compelled to ask you but a response would be greatly heart-warming. It is important to continue this silent revolution through art and your permission would be inspiring (an aspect of art I rarely come across) thank you for your time and wisdom.

  • The Question (ID Number 733): Near the conclusion of "Ishmael," you proclaimed that humans in the Taker culture have stopped evolving, because they do not live in the hands of the gods. This is the only idea of yours that I cannot wrap my mind around. I don't understand how or why evolution would cease for a segment of one species but not for another segment of the same species...especially considering the segment for which evolution supposedly has ceased contains the vast majority of the total species' population. In addition, how have the Leaver peoples evolved, and what proof do we have of that evolution?

  • The Question (ID Number 721): A population that is over represented beyond sustainability will feel some sort of backlash (I think this is called the revenge effect). Is the human species collectively able to make the choice to stop an overall population increase before there is a revenge effect? If we were to suppose that all humans were capable of this trait, we would also be acknowledging something that (to my knowledge) has not happened in our evolution; an entire species choosing not to further increase their representation in the gene pool for a long term view of survival. This has been a consistent road block for me.

  • The Question (ID Number 714): In Ishmael you had mentioned that if humans exempt themselves from the laws of nature, that natural selection will cease, and humans will no longer evolve. Would you say that is the same for domesticated animals?

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