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Questions and More Questions...

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  • The Question (ID Number 626): I can recall sitting in gov't. class and my teacher, a well-known-so-called democrat, whatever that is, told "his" students, "If you don't vote, then you don't have a right to complain." I didn't raise my hand and explain why I strongly disagree with what he just said. Instead I just sat there thinking he is "full of it." I don't vote because casting a vote for any of these candidates is a vote for failure. The politicians that are elected still have in there headspeople are kings of the world and supposed to be kings of the world. If you listen hard enough, you can hear them say we are the world. And if you look at them hard enough, that is what they are representing. No one asks these people what the true world means to them or what is our niche, our contribution along with the rest of the community. If anyone has a right to complain, it's the non-voter. What do you think?

  • The Question (ID Number 622): As you have so often stated Leaver societies work(ed) because they were time tested for thousands of years. Having destroyed the wisdom of most of these societies, how can one be optimistic for our culture to survive our impending cultural collapse? The generations after our culture has failed will not have any other option but to 'invent' systems. Even with a tribal paradigm how can it be expected to work?

  • The Question (ID Number 621): You speak of Leavers having a sort of wealth that we lack and desperately need. What is that wealth (besides the obvious-- the knack for living successfully for three million years)?

  • The Question (ID Number 619): What steps led you to question the conventional reading of the stories of the Fall and Cain and Abel in Genesis?

  • The Question (ID Number 616): How are you different from the prophets who tell people how to live thier lives? I know it is not your intention to do so, but I feel like through reading other questions and talking with other Ishmael readers, that your ideas revolutionize the way we think about the world. In turn, how we live is ultimately shaped by you. Gutting out our system of understanding and replacing it with that of Ishmael changes how we think and live, right?

  • The Question (ID Number 608): You often mention the idea of a Learning Circus in which people of all ages can flock to learn and teach whatever they like. But when you mentioned it in Beyond Civilization, I got the feeling that you are actually thinking of starting one yourself. Am I right that you're seriously considering founding such a circus? Because if you are, I want in!

  • The Question (ID Number 606): In your response to question 579 you said that closed-minded individuals would most likely change their views as social conditions change because they will feel compelled to "fit in." However, what if there is a greater motivation to remain a Taker? Take, for instance, one of the largest groups of Takers, Christians. Christians are compelled to remain Christian and to convert others by the belief that all non-Christians will go to hell. Even further motivation comes from the belief in an imminent doomsday. Also, at a book signing I attended in Atlanta, you said that Christians feel as though they do not belong to this world, and that it is merely a weigh-station until they can reach heaven. Taking into consideration all of these factors, why would any practicing Christian feel compelled to give up their belief in Christianity (thus relinquishing the chance to have life in a place they feel they belong to) just so that they can fit in with a world that they themselves don't even feel they fit in with in the first place? Especially if they think the end is always near?

  • The Question (ID Number 605): I am now fighting two distinct battles. One against the idea that people are supposed to rule the world, and the other against the notion that governments are supposed to rule people. Frankly, I'm surprised you're not an anarchist. You've indicated that the 'laws' that governments write are inferior to those that grow and evolve with cultures. But, in the answers to questions 502 and 592, you seem to concede the inborn right of you and your tribe to govern yourselves- to patently old minds that are merely elected, and often critically opposed to your ideas. You contend that the problems of our culture developed systemically, yet you feed a failed, corrupt system (the U.S. government) with your vote. I find it difficult to believe that you can see the potential of walking away from civilization without ceasing the opportunity to walk away from corruption. Al Gore is a great alternative to George Bush for president, just as a clean knife is better that a rusty one for impaling one's self.

  • The Question (ID Number 604): If you have been watching the news recently, you must have seen something about how a company called Clonaid has claimed to have cloned the first human baby. Clonaid is also in a way, a branch of a new religion movement called Raelian that believes man was made a long time ago by aliens who genetically created us in labs. I guess this belief isn't that much different from the Judeo-Christian-Islamic belief, neither can accept that we evolved from "common slime." The leader said that their long term goal is to use cloning to give humans eternal life. What is your opinion on this subject? Do you think these people will ever achieve their goal? Do you think they will be allowed to? If they do, what do you think the effects on this world will be?

  • The Question (ID Number 600): I'm a senior at a Catholic highschool (a particularly uncomfortable situation since reading many of the Ishmael books), and in my religion class we have been discussing multiculturalism vs. objectivity. My teacher argues that without God or objective truth then anything is morally permissable and therefore Nazi Germany etc would have to be considered just fine. I replied that in tribal culture that there is/was no salvationist religions and therefore there are/were no "thou shalt not.." laws, and they live/lived much more in peace with themselves and the world than our culture does. My teacher refuses to believe this, so I decided to research it and see what I could find. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can find resources that describe tribal law as constructive as opposed to oppressive (thou shalt not...)?

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