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    Network Record Number: 1825
    This record (1825) last updated: May 03, 2016
    First Name: Xavier
    Last Name: de la Foret
    Organization: Sustainable Living Project
    City: ,,Twisp
    State: WA
    Country: UNITED STATES
    Why are you here?

    For years we talked about living sustainably, and then we taught sustainable living skills. And yet the problem remained: we did not actually live sustainably because we were too busy running our mouths. And so we're trying a different approach; an approach from the ground up. Right now we're just focusing on living our lives the best way we can, the most sustainable way we can, and we're opening our lives and experiences to you and anyone who wants to learn the way we've always been meant to learn: by observing and repeating what others around us are doing. If you join us, you will be pulled into our daily life, witness how we meet our needs, and participate in our tasks so that you have a full understanding and experience of what it takes to live the way we do.

    Any other personal information/resources/advice/ideas to share?

    We are dedicated to exploring ways to live more and more sustainably and to helping people who want to do the same by teaching them the necessary skills.

    Unlike most other schools, however, we rarely offer specific classes to teach individual skills. Instead, our emphasis is on living sustainably and, therefore, on welcoming people to experience and participate in our lives so that all skills learned are relevant and taught in context. It's a real apprenticeship in sustainable living in the original sense of the word.

    Thus, we never have an actual schedule of classes, as we merely follow the flow of the seasons and weather, as well as our personal inspirations.

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