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News and Information for the Ishmael Community

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Added: Tuesday, September 17, 2002


If you're in a quandary about the rights and wrongs, risks and advantages of attacking Iraq, read this book—WAR ON IRAQ: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You To Know—and read it now (and get everyone you know to read it).

In an "instant book" from Daniel's own publisher, scheduled for release on September 23, author William Rivers Pitt talks to former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter (a self-described conservative Republican) and debunks the key arguments for war on Iraq. These are that Iraq has a viable stockpile of weapons of mass destruction and will soon have nuclear capabilities, that Saddam Hussein is an ally of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, and that any new Iraqi regime would be friendlier to the West than Hussein's. In the spirit of Thomas Paine, War On Iraq is intended for citizen campaigning.

In War On Iraq Pitt argues that, unlike the televised in-and-out Persian Gulf War; the current conflict will cause heavy casualties on both sides, the destabilization of the Middle East, and a terrible backlash of terrorist attacks on the United States. Pitt argues that a war on Iraq will give rise "to exactly the kind of Islam vs. the West al Qaeda sought when it attacked the World Trade Center a year ago."

William Rivers Pitt offers a non-partisan analysis of the current situation, including a brief history, and conducts a pointed interview with former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter to dismantle the myths about Iraq's present weapons program and to uncover the neo-conservative forces behind the White House's fixation on Iraq.

William Rivers Pitt argues that the threatened conflict will be playing into the hand of Osama bin Laden (who would love to see Saddam Hussein deposed as much as the Bush administration does) and that any attack at this moment in history would be both unprovoked and illegal. Pitt then lays down the framework for a reasonable, informed debate. The book closes with a stark forecast for American troops if a ground war ensues and urges the nation's leaders to seek a diplomatic solution before it is too late. An appendix provides senator contact information.

Even before publication, the book has upset the Bush administration's saber-rattlers and has been widely reviewed—by the Washington Post,, yahoo news, and Moby Lives.

To order War On Iraq CLICK HERE.

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Site design and content © 2018, Daniel Quinn
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