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News and Information for the Ishmael Community

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Added: Monday, April 4, 2005

The Great Lie: Death toll of the American Dream

The Great Lie: Death toll of the American Dream, a film by brothers Lance and Dan Hubp, is now available for viewing at Inspired by the teachings of Daniel Quinn (and by many visits to the Ishmael Community site), the brothers hammered out the script over a two-year period before enlisting renowned film-acting teacher Jeremiah Comey as director and a cast drawn largely from the Jeremiah Comey Actors Studio.

The film was shot with two cameras in five days in Los Angeles (principally on a set hand-built by Lance Hubp and producer Tim Bright).

Dan Hubp, who manned one of the two cameras and served as the film's editor, studied environmental design at the University of Colorado and spent time in New York doing set design, art direction, editing, and directing in a variety of venues from off-Broadway and television to music videos and independent film.

Lance, who has the lead role in the film, studied with Jeremiah Comey and counts among his acting credits "a couple of plays, a few one liners (day player) on soap operas, and a Movie of the Week." He also contributed the musical score, and says of the whole experience, "I will always remember it as one of the greatest times of my life."

One cast member, Zahn McClarnon, will be a featured actor in "Into the West," Steven Spielberg's new series coming in June.

The Great Lie was featured at the 2005 Director's Lounge Berlin, a festival that screens short experimental films in many different genres.

The Quinns have viewed the film on DVD, and Daniel says it's "well worth seeing. I've seen it twice–and will need a third viewing to unlock its fascinating surrealist mystery. It definitely deserves a wider audience."

To access the film CLICK HERE.

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