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News and Information for the Ishmael Community

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Added: Sunday, April 7, 2002

New Organization Created By Readers To Help Spread the Word About Daniel Quinn and Ishmael

Two Detroit-area readers, Dr. Howard Ditkoff and Mr. Brian Wilgenbusch, have founded The Friends of Ishmael Society, an organization focused on publicizing the work of Daniel Quinn. This is an independent organization, and Daniel Quinn and are not involved in its activities. The Society believes that spreading awareness of Ishmael's crucial message is vital to enabling our culture to move towards a vision that will protect the world as a place in which future generations can survive.

Towards that end, the Friends of Ishmael Society serves several purposes. It connects readers with like minded members of their communities by finding or creating new Local Ishmael Groups. It enables local Ishmael groups and individual Friends to share tools, such as flyers, pamphlets, signs and ideas that increase Ishmael's popularity among readers and teachers. The Society's Ishmael in Action section publicizes stories of readers who have changed their lives thanks to Ishmael's positive influence. Finally, the Society collects funds that are redistributed to help promote Ishmael.

You can learn more about the Friends of Ishmael Society, use or contribute tools, find local groups and much more at their website, Furthermore, the Society needs the help of readers like you to grow, and you can learn how to help at Spread the Word. For any other information, please visit the Friends of Ishmael Society Contact Page or email Howard Ditkoff at

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