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If They Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways

"One of the most troublesome questions I've been asked--and it's been asked hundreds of times--is: 'Where do these strange ideas of yours come from?' In the beginning, I thought it was just the usual where-do-you-get-your-ideas? question that all authors receive. My readers soon set me straight. Read more ...
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The people in this database have something to offer to others who want to explore what it means to "walk away." They are offering their time, energy, expertise, and in some cases their business and their livelihood. This area of the NTV site is a part of the Ishmael Network...people who want to be listed here identify themselves when they create their record in the Ishmael Network. Add yourself to the Network...

New Networking Opportunity!

Share your new tribal business story and help get the ideas in Daniel's books out to a wider audience. Read about this new grassroots effort, implemented and managed by other readers, at Spread the Word.

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