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Newest News... (Below item added on March 29, 2014)

Mural for Spartanburg comes to life!

Victor Palenque, working with fellow painter Yamabushi, has completed this remarkable mural -- weeks sooner than we expected! A local bookstore owner came by to tell the artists that Ishmael was flying of the shelf! The mural, a Kickstarter project, made the paper three times in one week. Thank you Victor, Yamabushi, Kickstarter, and all those who donated funds to make this possible!

Newest News... (Below item added on February 27, 2014)

A Fascinating Role-playing Game

As readers know, Daniel's books have inspired all sorts of things -- songs, films, books, and murals seen all over the Southeastern U.S. We've learned of something else that falls under that heading -- a very deep and sophisticated role-playing game called "The Fifth World." How did the Fifth World get to be the fifth? The First was The world before life; Second, The world of life before Man; Third, The world of Man before the birth of civilization; Fourth, The world of civilization; and Fifth, The neotribal world that emerges after the collapse of civilization.

Its author, Jason Godesky, tells us that he's spent "the better part of a decade" designing this game, "intended to draw players into an animist experience and present a positive vision of the sort of neotribal future we could one day create." Definitely worth a look for role-playing addicts. The beta version, just released, can be seen at The Fifth World.

Newest News... (Below item added on March 27, 2014)

Tune in to KMUD Sunday morning

The Living Earth Connection, with Amy Gustin, will air a musical performance of spoken word and electric didgeridoo, exploring the nature of life on earth, the human brain, science, and the ecology of beliefs, called The Big Picture. It airs on Sunday, March 30th, at 9:30 a.m. PST and is archived afterward under Spiritual Perspectives on KMUD.

Newest News... (Below item added on March 30, 2014)

Meet Muralist Victor Palenque

We've never been able to tell you much about Victor, except for his magnificent "Read Ishmael" murals, of course. But now have a look at this recent interview on the website of the Societé Perrier (yes, THAT Perrier): Apocalypse Now...

Newest News... (Below item added on January 21, 2014)

Sea Gypsy Tribe update

Have a look at the latest blog from sailor Ray Jason to see the new addition to the essays describing his Sea Gypsy Tribe concept. (And get introduced to one of the interesting people he encounters during his travels.) Sea Gypsy Tribal Principles.

Newest News... (Below item added on January 26, 2014)

Climate change is no joke

This short animation from NASA is an easy way to find out how things have been heating up since the 1880s. Watch the Earth warm up.


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