We were overwhelmed by your response to our special "Ishmael by the case" offer!

We're glad we could make it possible for you to have affordable books to give away, and we hope to be able to make a similar offer for My Ishmael as well. (For those of you who asked, sorry, but we don't--and won't--have The Story Of B available.) Today (15 Jan 99) marks the end of this particular special offer, but it's only the beginning of yet another New Tribal Venture (and adventure) for the Quinns.

Watch for what comes next. At our new site, (opening in a few weeks), you'll find the videotape (Food Production & Population Growth) and the audio tapes (HOPE: A Dialogue, The Ishmael Imperative, and The Ishmael Themes) and, eventually, more tools and connections that will be useful to you in your own "tribal venturing." We hope to see you there.

--Rennie MacKay Quinn

OK, thanks, send me into the site...