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A note from the Quinns

Here it is at last–the updated version of It's version number five in the history of the site. Brian Cordyack created the design several years ago at the request of our founding and former webmaster, Alan Thornhill, with approval and input by the Quinns. Our webmaster, Cathy McIntosh, has been working bit by bit at setting up the necessary changes for some time, but nothing ever goes the way you think it's going to, so it's taken longer than we expected to actually get all the pieces switched over and in working order. (We're still revising and updating some material and trying to update some of the historical material and make it available in a sensible way.)

Thanks to Wendy and Serenity Haardt for the photo, and to those of you who've helped out by pinpointing things that needed fixing or were outdated. This site is so massive it's been a pretty daunting task to go through it all–link by link and inch by inch. We think we've covered everything, but we know there are still going to be glitches. (In some places, for example, you may still find references to BookSense rather than IndieBound, but the links work just the same.) So we appreciate your patience as we continue to make corrections and additions.

We hope you'll find the new site pleasing and easy to use. We like it a lot. And we want it to work for all of you, who've been so instrumental in keeping not only this website but the message of Ishmael and all the other Quinn books alive and spreading.

Our thanks and appreciation to all of you....

Daniel & Rennie

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