The Invisibility of Success

Thirteen essays and speeches delivered (among others) at the University of Georgia Center for Humanities and Arts (Distinguished Lecturer Series); Sixth Annual Rice University Environmental Conference; the 2000 Houston Youth Environmental Leadership Conference (Keynote address); The 1997 Conference of the North American Association for Environmental Education; Earth Day 1998, Kent State University; Student Pugwash Technologies of Peace Conference, Carnegie Mellon University, 1997; The 2000 Fleming Lecture in Religion, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas.

A reader who ordered the book just hours after it appeared had this to say about it: “I’ve read almost all of this material on your website over the years, but I’m very happy to have all this valuable material in one portable volume. In particular I believe ‘Reaching for the Future with All Three Hands’ is well-presented. The illustrations you provided of the three handles are very welcome.”

Although the illustrations in this book were originally in full color, Daniel has reworked them so that they function just as well in black and white.

To see the edition with its original full-color illustrations (which is, naturally, more expensive) click here.

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“Passion, inspiration, and insight. I am moved and more dedicated with every Quinn book that I read.
It never fails to amaze how Quinn can unravel what seems to be any given topics or situation.”

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“This book is great on its own, and follows up on his general manner of thinking and writing, without repeating.
An absolute must for any Quinn fan!”

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“I’m guessing this book would be good for Daniel Quinn readers who would like to refine their understanding of
his thinking as well as for people who haven’t read Daniel Quinn books before but who would like to “grok” his
message in a non-fiction format. The ideas presented are challenging but always rewarding.
This isn’t a book of essays about permaculture, but perma-culturists may be interested to read
Daniel’s thoughts bearing on that subject in the closing essay.”

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“A must have for any fan of Daniel Quinn’s works.
It’s pretty much what you get in Ishmael but in separate short lectures.
These lectures were specially selected and put in an order that needs to be read from front to back in linear fashion.
It’s a short read, and it’s a great reference tool to use too.”

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“As with Quinn’s books Ishmael, My Ishmael and The Story of B, the basic premise is that “saving the world” is only
possible when we as a culture begin to see the human race in perspective as members (not masters)
of the community of life on this planet. And this means we must re-examine our foundations of thought,
our philosophies and mythologies, even our religions.”

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