“When things work, the forces that make them work are invisible. The universe at large is a notorious example of this. The laws of motion and universal gravitation seem very obvious to us now, but it took a towering genius to recognize them. Newton’s genius was precisely the genius of seeing that which is so evident as to be unseeable.”

“IF there are still people living here in a thousand years, we can be certain that they won’t be thinking the way people of our culture presently do. We can be certain of this because the way people think shapes the way they live, and if people go on living the way we presently do, we’re not going to make it through another thousand years.”

“Don’t pay attention to people who talk as if saving the world is someone else’s business–big shots in international politics or big shots in international commerce. I say again: If the world is saved, it will be saved by people with changed minds. and anyone can change a mind.”

“There IS a tipping point out there for us–and that’s why I have hope for the future. The IS a tipping point out there–and the only way to reach it is by changing the minds of the people around us. And that gives me another reason for hope. Because changing minds is something anyone can do, at any age, in any walk of life.”