Who, or what is B?

You realize that you have always been lied to – Ishmael helped you to see that – but just how far will Mother Culture go to protect herself? The Story of B pushes further into the place that we all must journey if we are to maintain human life on the planet: into our own history, and out of the lies. Forget everything you ever learned. It’s all a lie.

Publisher’s Press Release:

The Story of B begins with Jared Osborne, a priest of the Laurentians (an order under an ancient, covert mandate to stand watch against the coming of the Antichrist), being sent to Central Europe to investigate an itinerant preacher known to his followers only as B. When Father Osborne finally tracks B down, he is startled by the power and originality of his teachings. Pressed by his superiors for a judgment, Osborne is driven to penetrate B’s inner circle, where he soon finds himself an anguished collaborator in the dismantling of his own religious foundations.

Continuing the visionary journey begun in Ishmael, The Story Of B is a remarkable and provocative novel of intrigue involving the Antichrist and the hidden history of the world.

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“Daniel Quinn has written two of the most unnerving and transformative books in recent history.
The first was Ishmael; The Story of B is the other, a compelling ‘humantale’ that will unglue, stun, shock,
and rearrange everything you’ve learned and assume about Western civilization and our future.”

Paul Hawken, Author of The Ecology of Commerce, Natural Capitalism, and Blessed Unrest

“One of the most important storytellers of our age, Daniel Quinn, in the Story of B,
continues the journey begun so beautifully with Ishmael. Whether or not you agree with every word,
there is no doubt that ‘B’ offers us a unique opportunity – to think together about the unquestioned beliefs
and assumptions that have shaped our culture over the past 10,000 years and that will, if the remain unquestioned,
keep us on a path that seems increasingly unsustainable.”

Peter M. Senge, Author of The Fifth Discipline

“The author writes a facile, clear prose, and the ideas he wants to discuss are admittedly important.
Quinn is a provocative thinker.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Continuing the thought-provoking philosophic construct that he set up in Ishmael, Quinn provides an even deeper
and more wide-ranging story. The Story of B is enormously readable, with several shocking plot twists
that help mold what could have been just a treatise into a good story.
A must for fans of Ishmael, this disturbing, intelligent book will also attract new readers.”


“The reason Quinn’s books have such an impact is both the intellectual transformations that occur while reading
one of the volumes and also the unnerving conclusions that result from the transformation in thinking.

Incredibly, Quinn manages to be low key while taking the reader from a conventional thought process to a
vastly different view of both western civilization and the future of human society on this planet.
This transformation is why his books are so difficult to review in detail and why his books are so engaging.”

John Cairns, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Environmental Biology Emeritus, VA Polytechnic Inst. and State University

“All of Daniel Quin’s books are life-changing experiences.”

AB, Champaign, IL

“As a student of philosophy and religion, I must say that The Story of B is the most influential
and thoughtful book I have ever read.”

JH, Medford, MA

“Compulsive reading. Step outside the melting pot and see a different reality.”

S, Annapolis, MD

“What frightens me is not ‘How can I apply the concepts brought forth by Quinn in the two best books I’ve ever read (Ishmael and The Story of B),’ but ‘What if I had never read them?”

LR, Vestal, NY

“Daniel Quinn is a pathfinder who has already made the crossing to the community of life.”

JVD, Norvich, VT

“Forced to flee from a book-burning society like that in Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451, I would find the dangerous ideas in Ishmael and The Story of B more worth risking my life to preserve than anything else on my shelves.”

RN, Akron, PA

“I expected to be disturbed and am not disappointed.”

BS-L, Oklahoma City, OK

“It’s been twenty years since I let this kind of illumination into my life.”

MW, Russell, KS

“It’s more than just a journey of the mind. It’s a turnaround.”

SDB, Cottage Grove, MN

“This will be the most revealing book since Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.”

JB, Lincoln, NE

“Your book is as important if not more so than the Bible.
If what you propose becomes a mass movement it will change the world.”

GN, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Never have I felt so at a loss for words and action after reading a book as I did after both Ishmael
and The Story of B. But thank you to Daniel Quinn for opening yet another pair of eyes.”

DT, Medford, OR

“Man living as just another species–what a concept! Thank you, Mr. Quinn, the clouds have parted.”

CS, Beverly Hills, CA

“Wow! Heavy duty! Daniel Quinn better hang out with Salman Rushdie after the Story of B.”

JSD, Delaware, OH

The Story of B is a brilliant tool, a gift from a wise man.”

RTN, Leucadia, CA

“I finished the book tonight and I can honestly say that my belief structure has never been so challenged.”

RG, Sterrett, AL

“Now that I’ve finished The Story of B, I go about my life in a completely different way.”

BP, Orono,ME