I Have a Question About Daniel Quinn

Okay, so you have grown up in this society that is ruled by mother culture’s values, and lived your whole life in it. How did you see the invisible questions and rules that Mother Culture tells you day after day, week after week, year after year, to write down in your books? What caused you to see these messages that are repeated so often that no one knows they’re there anymore?

After having been enthusiastic when reading Ishmael, I am more and more wondering about your real goals. What do you look for?? Increasing your community of Ishamel’s addicts (CONSUMERS), and by the way your OWN income? Why don’t you say anything regarding the real world events as WTO meeting is Seattle?? What do you do about that new Stalinist Way of getting huge wealth for a “happy?” few, by convincing the People of the World that they are going to get more and more civilized if they buy more and more American shit, and enjoy U.S. stupid Entertainment industry (including Ishmael’s fairy tales ???)

How does it feel to know that your messages will not be heard by the people who need to hear it the most? People such as corporate chairmen, and other such positions of power. How does it also feel like to know that some men will hear what you have to say, but will not understand what you are trying to say? How does it feel to know that some men will hear what you have to say, but will turn their backs for a higher ambition such as beating their competitors rather than helping out mother Earth, or will turn their backs simply because they don’t care? How do you deal with your obstacles?

I am a student at a Protestant seminary and was given Ishmael as a Christmas gift. I read it in a few days and purchased The Story of B soon after. I consider myself open minded and enjoy reading things that challenge my faith. Unlike Jared, I have not yet reached the 50th degree of losing my faith. I understand that to fully accept what is written in these works, Christianity is not an option because it is a symptom, or maybe helps us deal with the symptoms, of being a taker culture. Are there ways to understand and apply Quinn’s message that would be acceptable within faith and not apart from it? Is it possible to accept that there is a God (big G) and still entertain some of the elements of the Ishmael story?