In your books you stress the idea that the Taker way is unsustainable because our style of agriculture breaks the law of life. Then in Beyond Civilization you wrote about how to move past the Taker way.

The book was really interesting especially with the examples of creative ways people are organizing themselves differently, but I wondered why you didn’t talk about how to redo our agricultural food system.

Mr.Quinn I recently read Ishmael for a program on Civilization and History I am currently enrolled in and thoroughly enjoyed it; however I am aware that others are very critical of it.

Some critics claim that the kind and gentle warning delivered in Ishmael is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In fact, some go as far as claiming it to be subversive Nazi propaganda.

What would you say to these critics if given the chance?

I’ve found myself rereading The Holy, not for the animist theme, but for the dialogue. I’ve noticed in several of your books, but especially in The Holy, the characters speak in very clear, direct, and honest ways, even when they are being ambiguous and dishonest (if that makes any sense).

It’s a refreshing sense of everybody knowing their own needs and agendas and putting it out on the table without apology, and I’m wondering where you learned to write characters that talk like this? Is it simply drawn from your own skill at communication. I’m envious.