I Have a Question About the Books/the Characters

On more than one occasion in your books and in your responses to questions you categorically reject the idea of gods, in particular the Abrahamic god. Yet in The Holy Tim, after being prompted by Pablo who “sees” this all the time, finally sees the glory the cactus has to offer him.

Therefore I have two questions. If you do not believe that there is a God or gods in this world, then what or who is Pablo (whom you saw yourself as a young child)? Second, both in The Story of B and in The Holy, you position the Abrahamic god as an opponent of the very world he allegedly created.

Why do you believe that a Satan/Ba’al zebub or an antichrist figure would be so much more in tune with your world vision?

Have you ever asked your publisher to release the entire Ishmael trilogy as a single volume?

I hope it doesn’t violate your contract. (I saw from someone else’s question that you can’t release mass paperback editions.) Because I was having this huge fight with someone who had just read Ishmael>/i> and none of the other books and had completely misunderstood things.

In arguing with this guy, I was struck by how many times I said, “Quinn CLEARLY said in My Ishmael…” or “It’s written right there, in The Story of B…” One volume of the whole trilogy would be cheap, handy, and pretty gosh darned cool.

Our class had a phone interview with Mr. Quinn yesterday (10/10/02) and he mentioned that “politics should be the last to change.” I disagree with him because I came from Korea and the government passed couple of laws that force people to recycle.

For example, the government passed a law in the early 90s that people should use trash bags issued by the government. Of course, the majority of the people refused and had many complaints about it. However, at the end, people came to recycle more and restaurants tried not to use plastic cups and dishes because the more trash they produced, the more money they had to pay. Even though Mr. Quinn was skeptical about politics, isn’t it better to influence the politicians as well?