I Have a Question On a Specific Subject

People ask whether we should go to war to defend those suffering from genocide or violations of their state rights by other nations or peoples. I want to go into the Erratic Retaliator strategy and why it works, and how it is not conflict that is “bad,” but the totalitarian wars we fight with the intention to bend others to our will, where there has to be a winner and a loser.

The sure retort to this is, “Do you think that we should just sit back and watch the Hutus and the Tutsis massacre each other?” I feel that this is not an example of the Erratic Retaliator strategy, but more like the situation between Israel and Palestine, i.e., we would wipe you out if we could.

What do you think about countries going into war to aid other peoples, such as fighting the Germans in part (though this was not the incentive to become involved in WW II) to stop the Holocaust? I know you say that you do not pretend to know what people should do, but for the purpose of this argument, how can I articulate the information in Ishmael and your other books?

While discussing the ideas in your books, some people have said that, yes, if our culture continues without change, there will be a cataclysmic event. But, they argue, there is no way to kill our entire species, as we’re the most adaptive and intelligent one on the planet. I’m finding it hard to point to conclusive evidence otherwise, and I find the notion entirely possible. Hmm, there’s a question in here somewhere. . . .

I suppose that if the impending Taker-wrought ecological disaster doesn’t wipe out our species, it’d be almost a given that the survivors would be logically forced to dump the Taker lifestyle, as they’ve not only seen but experienced what it invariably leads to, right?

Do you believe that the product of “saving souls” was necessary for the enslavement of indigenous people (and looting of the land) for the goal of Western Civilization expansion? Does this question make sense?

When in the course of human history did it become important to “save the souls” of humans? Savings souls seems like a way of using a future fear to control masses of people in the present.

I am a film student in his last year ready to begin my final project. I would like your blessing to spread the word of Ishmael using your ideas in a film. I am not asking for permission to plagiarize. In fact this film will be used to show to fellow students only and will be of my adaptation and not of your words.

I don’t know why I feel compelled to ask you but a response would be greatly heart-warming. It is important to continue this silent revolution through art and your permission would be inspiring (an aspect of art I rarely come across) thank you for your time and wisdom.

Though I certainly enjoyed After Dachau, The Man Who Grew Young, and The Holy, I miss reading new insights from you every once in a while about saving the world. Your last book directly addressing that subject, Beyond Civilization, was published about five years ago.

The most recent of your speeches posted to this site is from about 2 1/2 years ago. Do you think you will have anything new to say about saving the world in the future, either in a book or shorter format?

Near the conclusion of Ishmael, you proclaimed that humans in the Taker culture have stopped evolving, because they do not live in the hands of the gods. This is the only idea of yours that I cannot wrap my mind around.

I don’t understand how or why evolution would cease for a segment of one species but not for another segment of the same species…especially considering the segment for which evolution supposedly has ceased contains the vast majority of the total species’ population.

In addition, how have the Leaver peoples evolved, and what proof do we have of that evolution?

The interpretation of the story about Cain and Abel and the story of creation was shocking to me. I do not doubt it is very logical as it manifests the antagonism between Takers and Leavers.

But then, it makes me wonder if there is a proof that Hebrews adopted the story of creation from their ancestors and that it actually originated among Semites. Maybe the fact that biblical story explains things so well is a coincidence.

I am very curious to find out more about it. I looked into historical atlases but it was hard to find the map similar to that which is in Ishmael.

I hope it is not the comment of a complete ignorant, but I am surprised that I have not heard this meaning of biblical stories before especially since it sounds so obvious when you hear it.