I’d Like Some Advice

While thinking about possible careers, I’ve examined my skills, desires, and beliefs, and conclude that I’m a talented, persuasive speaker, especially when talking about something that I know well and feel strongly about. My desire is to influence people to change the direction in which our species is heading and instead to work for a more natural, nondetrimental end. The bumps in this career path are huge. Millions upon millions of people need to be reached. Luckily we have such technology to do this, but unfortunately only the famous seem able to use it (How to be famous?) Another large bump–the topic of the direction of the entire human race is quite encompassing, and I’m too ignorant to speak intelligently about anything that important right now. I need an education very different from the one that I received as a biology major at Boston University. So I need advice. What do you tell a girl who wants to change the current worldview? I’m asking for any guidance you can offer regarding the education or getting started or somewhere I should go, something I should do, anything.

There has been much talk lately where I live (the Seattle area) of the Makah Indian tribe, who have recently renewed the practice of whaling. Having just had my eyes opened by your books, I said “this is wonderful. They are returning to something that worked for them for a long time.” No-one else sees it that way however. Everyone here was angry, daring to lecture the Makah people about the “sanctity of life,” but I knew it was just because these supposed environmentalists had been conditioned to think that their way was the one right way to live. I was so excited to see a principle from your works in action, but became extremely disappointed when no-one gave what I had to say much thought. How do I find a positive in this situation, when few see it as such, and the rest won’t listen?

I am in college and I am struggling quite a bit. I’m having trouble finding the motivation to stay in such a horribly run educational system that mother culture has given us. I’ve hated the way school is run for many years now and after reading My Ishmael and Providence, I now know that there really is a problem with our schools. I’ve thought about dropping out but I’d feel like a failure. So if you could give me any advice on the subject it would be greatly appreciated.