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I was wondering how the current religious/Islamist extremists fit into the Takers v. Leavers struggle. My guess is that these fundamentalists are Leavers fighting back against Taker control.

But aren’t Leavers usually on the peaceful side of things? This makes it look like the Leavers are the “bad guys” by killing and trying to take over the world, or at least Western society.

I suppose these select few could be viewed as an anomaly in the system. What do you think?

Mr.Quinn I recently read Ishmael for a program on Civilization and History I am currently enrolled in and thoroughly enjoyed it; however I am aware that others are very critical of it.

Some critics claim that the kind and gentle warning delivered in Ishmael is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In fact, some go as far as claiming it to be subversive Nazi propaganda.

What would you say to these critics if given the chance?

I’ve found myself rereading The Holy, not for the animist theme, but for the dialogue. I’ve noticed in several of your books, but especially in The Holy, the characters speak in very clear, direct, and honest ways, even when they are being ambiguous and dishonest (if that makes any sense).

It’s a refreshing sense of everybody knowing their own needs and agendas and putting it out on the table without apology, and I’m wondering where you learned to write characters that talk like this? Is it simply drawn from your own skill at communication. I’m envious.

This is both a question and a comment. On your website I see people constantly asking you what should we do?

I myself wondered this after reading Ishmael. But I have now, after some reflection, realized that this is in many ways a Taker mindset. Am I wrong to think that we can do enough just by becoming Leavers ourselves?

I guess what I am trying to say is that, can’t we, just by adopting the lifestyle of a Leaver, change all we need to? Is our culture not like a prison, in that if one person were to stroll out, the other prisoners would follow suit?

I am having trouble explaining my thoughts exactly, so I will just ask you, do we really need to do anything more than leave the Taker prison?

People ask whether we should go to war to defend those suffering from genocide or violations of their state rights by other nations or peoples. I want to go into the Erratic Retaliator strategy and why it works, and how it is not conflict that is “bad,” but the totalitarian wars we fight with the intention to bend others to our will, where there has to be a winner and a loser.

The sure retort to this is, “Do you think that we should just sit back and watch the Hutus and the Tutsis massacre each other?” I feel that this is not an example of the Erratic Retaliator strategy, but more like the situation between Israel and Palestine, i.e., we would wipe you out if we could.

What do you think about countries going into war to aid other peoples, such as fighting the Germans in part (though this was not the incentive to become involved in WW II) to stop the Holocaust? I know you say that you do not pretend to know what people should do, but for the purpose of this argument, how can I articulate the information in Ishmael and your other books?

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