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It took European settlers only two centuries to make this whole country their own. It should be noted that they did this without weapons of mass destruction, without air travel or superhighways to carry troops. The Maya, by contrast, lived for thousands of years in an area the size of Arizona. How would most people account for this difference? For example, would they think the Maya were just not very ambitious? Not very bright? Has your way of thinking about this changed as a result of studying this book?

What does Quinn mean by saying that European soldiers came to the New World “dragging their national borders behind them”? [They were staking out territories for Spain, Portugal, France, and England.]

America has been called “the great Melting-Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and reforming.” Relate this to Quinn’s statement that the settlers of the New World “came dragging a common cultural border behind them.”

For the most part, Native Americans have never gone into “the great Melting-Pot.” Does what is said here help to explain why this is so?

What Native Americans had to be “cleared off” the land where you live?