Revolution without upheaval · Revolution without overthrow · No one right way · No heavenly choir · Those who would wait

The French Revolution is a classic example of a “heaving up from below” to effect “global change across the board with a single sweeping blow.” In what sense was the American Revolution a “heaving up from below”? In what sense was it designed to effect “global change across the board with a single sweeping blow”? Why were the two revolutions so different in the way they came about and were conducted?

What are some of the “formidable defenses” hierarchy maintains against attack from “the lower orders”?

Young runaways who take up life on the street can be said to have “abandoned” civilization. Does the hierarchy “defend itself” against this abandonment?

Do you think it would “be wonderful if all six billion* started living a new way tomorrow”?

Why is it that their habitats would fail if all birds lived the way macaws live, if all mammals lived the way giraffes live, if all rodents live the way beavers live?

Why “No heavenly choir”? What is expected of members of “heavenly choirs”? [That they sing in perfect harmony.]

Who are likely to be “those who would wait”? Young people or old people? People heavily invested in other movements? Politicians? Government employees? The rich? The poor? Have students explain their answers in a paper.


*As of 2018 world population has exceeded 7.6 billion. For details see World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision from the United Nations, DESA / Population Division.