Fighters of the good fight · Goliath with a new mind · The incremental revolution · Ethnic tribalism won’t work for us

Discuss the concept of the “good” fight. What attracts people to “good” fights? Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) began as a very popular “good” fight, but in recent years has had a hard time keeping members. Speculate on the reasons for this.

Recreate an image of the figure of Goliath Quinn describes. Discuss the metaphorical aptness of each element of his armor.

Why didn’t government regulations stop Ray C. Anderson’s business from being “a highly pollutive one”? Why don’t government regulations stop all businesses from being pollutive?

The author says that, after reading The Ecology of Commerce and Ishmael, Anderson saw that being in compliance is “not nearly enough.” Not nearly enough for what?

Why “incremental” revolution? What makes it “incremental”? The word incremental opposes this kind of revolution to what other kind(s)?

Discuss examples of incremental and revolutionary changes in the automotive industry and in the computer industry. [A typical pattern in the automotive industry is to bring out an all-new model, make incremental changes in the model for the next few years, then bring out another all-new model.]

A clan is a family group. How close is your own clan to being a tribe in the sense defined here–a group of people working together to make a living?